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Can't report post or search on iPad app

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onbehalfofgranny Mon 23-Nov-15 11:46:03

Just that really. The arrows on the R of posts on the iPad app don't do anything - you can't click on them - I assume that's how you're supposed to report posts!

Also you can't search, if you type in the search box (which is very well concealed!) it just sits there for a while and nothing comes up.

petetech (MNHQ) Mon 23-Nov-15 14:58:03

Hi there,

To report a post, you need to slide it across to reveal the "report" button (screenshot attached).

You can do the same thing with threads to access watch and hide buttons.

The search box in the Topics tab is only intended for searching for specific topics at the moment (for quickly finding AIBU or Chat for example), it's not an advanced search function like on the site yet.

We're keen to keep updating the app with new features though, and advanced search is at the top of the list of most requested updates, so we're aware it's something everyone wants to see.

Thanks for your feedback, appreciated.

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