Can you please, please please allow deleted threads to stay on my Threads I'm Watching?

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Maryz Thu 22-Oct-15 19:06:31

Because it's driving me bonkers.

I've been resisting posting and just watching a whole heap of threads, most recently one about a Christmas dinner and another linking to a DM article. Lots and lots of them over the past few weeks, and one by one they have all disappeared.

I don't know if they were zapped, or fell off my watch list (I don't think so), or what, but I really don't want to have to post "." or "<marks place>" on all the troll threads to see what happens in the end.

ToadsJustFellFromTheSky Thu 22-Oct-15 21:54:21

YY to this. It's annoying having to post a "place marking for deletion message" post when you know a thread is going to be zapped.

TheOnlyOliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 22-Oct-15 22:00:29

You forgot the cherry on top.grin
Will see what's occurring with this.

Maryz Thu 22-Oct-15 22:46:19

Of course smile

BoreOfWhabylon Fri 23-Oct-15 08:24:31

Yes, please please pleeease!

Trills Fri 23-Oct-15 08:48:54

That's why you should make a place-marking post and just use "Threads I'm On".

Try to pretend that you have something to say, so it doesn't look too obnoxious smile

Maryz Fri 23-Oct-15 09:18:02

I know, but I'm trying very hard to resist the many threads that I know are complete bollocks.

But as you all know by now I have little self-control, so I might just carry on making sarcy remarks everywhere so I can see what's happening grin

I could try usual's trick of adding "flowers op" on threads <ponders>

It would certainly help the "place-marking" posts if you did this, HQ, which I know annoy lots. (I'm guilty of this too...I NEED to see the deletion message! grin)

WorraLiberty Sat 24-Oct-15 13:50:43

Yes please to this.

With a whole cherry pie on top grin

People have been asking for this for have the deletion message on watched threads.

greenhill Sat 24-Oct-15 14:18:08

You do know that if you report the thread that you can click on the email sent from MNHQ and see the deletion message that way... They love reports after all. It also saves having to read all the frothing that goes on <misses Maryz 's point>

ToadsJustFellFromTheSky Sat 24-Oct-15 22:14:38

Really confused? I've never seen the deletion message in the e-mails MNHQ send me after I've reported a thread.

greenhill Sat 24-Oct-15 22:26:13

Click on the thread title in the email or 'direct link' toadsjustfell of course, this relies on the thread having been deleted. Sometimes it's hours after it's been reported, unless it's really sensitive, MNHQ are quick to delete those.

Maryz Sat 24-Oct-15 22:50:54

I do know that greenhill, but I've recently changed my email address to a dedicated mn one, so I can only check it when I'm on the pc.

And I'm lazy - I'd much rather just have them all lined up in one place.

ToadsJustFellFromTheSky Sat 24-Oct-15 22:51:59

I'd much rather just have them all lined up in one place.

Pretty much this.

usual Sat 24-Oct-15 22:54:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kacie123 Sat 24-Oct-15 22:55:04

grin usual

SnozzberryPie Sat 24-Oct-15 22:58:33

I agree. What happened to the Christmas dinner one?

usual Sat 24-Oct-15 23:01:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Maryz Sat 24-Oct-15 23:03:14

Yes, they are having a look at that one. It must be a very long look grin

The Christmas dinner one is sort of still chuntering along here

<sticks tongue out at usual>

HubertsBirthdayStick Sat 24-Oct-15 23:03:57

Would love this.

greenhill Sat 24-Oct-15 23:05:54

Mobile phone in toilet? I think it's been forgotten about.

usual Sat 24-Oct-15 23:06:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

usual Sat 24-Oct-15 23:08:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Maryz Sat 24-Oct-15 23:09:45

yy greenhill. I was hoping for the poo troll grin

Actually posting santa on every dodgy thread would be appropriate. Anyone who knows me at all would know that only extreme circumstances would allow me to do that before December 1st thlwink

greenhill Sat 24-Oct-15 23:10:32

There are others out there that are even more wtf, they've not been suspended though confused

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