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The Environment

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Jibbety Sun 18-Oct-15 12:05:46

I'm surprised there's no Topic addressing 'Our Environment' (or similar title). I feel this is a worrying discrepancy. It's our children's and grandchildren's world and the way we're going, there won't be much left for them.
There's a lot to be thinking about; how we live our lives to best ensure there is some beauty and fresh air left for them. Anyone else want to talk about it?

greenhill Sun 18-Oct-15 12:31:04

There is a little used 'science and nature club' topic and 'ethical dilemmas'. I've posted in both over the years and get few replies. Also 'gardening' sometimes covers things like composting, recycling, helping your local environment etc.

Generally though most posters aren't aware of topics other than chat or AIBU because there are hundreds of topics in the purple 'talk' box at the top of the page. To be honest, topics could do with culling, not being added to: 'Ford' and 'wine' spring to mind smile

Anyway, why don't you start a thread about the environment in chat, I'll look out for it smile

Jibbety Sun 18-Oct-15 12:54:41

Thank you smiley Greenhill for encouragement. Do wine swilling threaders know toxic chemicals used in its production are implicated in the breast cancer surge?
Drink and be merry eh

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