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active, still off line?

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TwatByName Wed 23-Sep-15 09:02:11

I'm on my phone and when I go to the active button, I get this message, also if coming on to mn through chrome straight to active, I get this message. I thought MN was down most of yesterday until I went to chat instead of active from chrome.

hiddenhome2 Wed 23-Sep-15 10:08:16

It's still active, but playing up.

TwatByName Wed 23-Sep-15 10:44:23

I can't get on to active at all, just get that everytime.

ShowOfHands Wed 23-Sep-15 10:53:42

My active has been fine since MN came back online.

Some people managed to have some success with clearing their history. Have you tried that?

BeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 24-Sep-15 17:21:19

Hi TwatByName - we'd suggest what ShowOfHands has said. Try clearing the cache on your browser.

If you're still having trouble, please do get back to us.

TwatByName Thu 24-Sep-15 17:32:10

Hi, yes I did then it took awhile to log back in, but it's all sorted now thanks showofhands and becca

SheWhoDaresGins Thu 24-Sep-15 22:19:10

How do you clear cache. I still cant get on active!

SheWhoDaresGins Thu 24-Sep-15 22:19:50

Ive cleared history. Still no joy

museumum Fri 25-Sep-15 09:40:56

How do you clear cache on an iPhone?
My "active" button and bookmark still doesn't work but going to "talk" then "active threads" does work.

BeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 25-Sep-15 17:11:16

SheWhoDaresGins - are you using the mobile site as well? Which browser are you using?

museumum - gave it a quick Google, and it says:
- Press Settings > Safari.
- Scroll down and tap Clear History and Website Data.
- Tap Clear History and Data.

SheWhoDaresGins Sat 26-Sep-15 08:52:04

Yes I'm on mobile site. How do I find out what browser I am using. Yes... I am that thick blush grin

DawnMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 26-Sep-15 12:01:34


Yes I'm on mobile site. How do I find out what browser I am using. Yes... I am that thick blush grin

No problem. smile If you just put a search in for 'what browser am I using' you'll get a choice of websites that can instantly tell you.

DawnMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 26-Sep-15 12:02:59

And, for anyone that needs it, there's info on how to clear your cache on different browsers (including for mobile devices) here.

SheWhoDaresGins Sat 26-Sep-15 15:44:26

It looks like I am on Google.

MythicalKings Sat 26-Sep-15 15:45:39

Still happening for me. <sigh>

DawnMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 26-Sep-15 20:29:31


Ive cleared history. Still no joy

Hi again SheWhoDaresGins,

Clearing your history isn't the same as clearing your cache, apparently (speaking as somebody equally un-techie).

From what we can gather, the browser you're using is Chrome, so if you follow the instructions on how to clear your cache here things might start to improve for you. The Chrome instructions are right at the top of the page.

Fingers crossed. flowers

DawnMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 26-Sep-15 20:32:25


Still happening for me. <sigh>

So sorry for all the faff, Mythical. Can you let us know (again) which device, which version of the site, and which browser you're using? We're going to get to the bottom of this.

MythicalKings Sat 26-Sep-15 21:01:59

Desk top PC, IE, how do I find out which version of Mumsnet? it's just

DawnMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 26-Sep-15 22:23:38

Sorry if that was unclear, Mythical - by which version of the site, we meant desktop/mobile/app. But as you're on a PC you're on the desktop site.

Don't want to bang on about this, but have you cleared your cache?


MythicalKings Sun 27-Sep-15 08:18:52

I have cleared my chache dozens of times, Dawn. Cleared, rebooted, still the same.

"Active" used to be my book marked short cut into MN. I wonder if the problem others are having are also from bookmarks. I've deleted it tosee if that helped, it didn't.

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