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Something's up with this site.

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hiddenhome2 Tue 22-Sep-15 19:11:45

It's extremely glitchy and won't load. When it does load the words are very small in some areas.

It's all going wrong again.

I've rebooted my iPad and it's not that.

It's the most fragile, glitchy site I've ever been on confused

WicksEnd Tue 22-Sep-15 22:19:38

Grrrrr! It's doing my head in! When someone sat on the 'delete database button' they obviously sat on the 'randomise font at every thread button'

hiddenhome2 Tue 22-Sep-15 22:30:58

I think the tech people are taking something or perhaps they have hired people who are really computer illiterate.

They probably spend the entire day drunk and stuffing themselves with chocolate cake whilst telling dirty jokes confused

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Tue 22-Sep-15 22:41:43

I'm on my iPhone and it's absolutely fine.

gamerchick Tue 22-Sep-15 22:47:01

Fine for me as well. I am getting a delay in posting. I write something out and nothing happens for a minute when it all comes out in a rush.

gamerchick Tue 22-Sep-15 22:47:52

But fonts are fine.

BrianCoxReborn Tue 22-Sep-15 22:52:04

If I am on the desktop site on my Kindle or Android phone, the Active convo list (for example) has different fonts and different sizes, some tiny and some huge

This has always been the case though, so only view in the Mobile site.

Pyjamaface Tue 22-Sep-15 22:55:20

I've had problems today. Pages won't load or are blank, it keeps randomly skipping back to active when I'm halfway through reading something. It has been driving me loopy

TheOnlyOliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 23-Sep-15 09:40:29

Sorry about this - please can you let us know how you're accessing the site

Shakey15000 Wed 23-Sep-15 09:41:52

I can get on the site but can't get to "Threads I'm on". Automatically goes to "site offline"

RingDownRingUp Wed 23-Sep-15 09:42:52

iPad, Safari

I'm getting lots of bouncing around and the typeface keeps changing from normal to really tiny print. It hurts my eyes to look at it tbh <getting old>

hiddenhome2 Wed 23-Sep-15 10:06:48

iPad with Safari.


iPhone 6 with Safari. It's a bit better on the iPhone. The iPad is terrible.

Cornedbeefpie Wed 23-Sep-15 11:26:50

iPad with safari too, won't load.

mollie123 Wed 23-Sep-15 13:22:43

I can get on the site but if I try to go directly to a topic I get the temporary unavailable screen.
I'm on works though

mollie123 Wed 23-Sep-15 13:24:30

I get this

howtorebuild Wed 23-Sep-15 13:26:20

It's ok on the mobile site.

mollie123 Wed 23-Sep-15 13:29:32

drat - I am on firefox, tied to a desktop

TyrionLannistersShadow Wed 23-Sep-15 13:37:21

Mobile site won't work for me and even using the desktop site on my phone is very hit and miss. I keep getting bounced back to the temporarily offline notice?

rambunctious Wed 23-Sep-15 13:57:14

I'm getting the temporary offline notice for the Active page. I'm using my laptop.

TyrionLannistersShadow Wed 23-Sep-15 14:42:43

Yes it seems to be mainly the Active topics page that goes to the offline page alright. Very frustrating.

SarahMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 23-Sep-15 14:56:12

Hey everyone - echoing Olivia's apologies.

Could those of you who're seeing weird fonts please screen grab for us, as we can't reproduce that one in the office?

And for those seeing the error page, could you try clearing your cache, closing down all the windows in which Mumsnet is open, and opening Mumsnet in a new window?

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Wed 23-Sep-15 14:57:58

I'm having no problems at all. Mobile site/Android/Chrome

rambunctious Wed 23-Sep-15 15:02:16

Er, I'm really sorry to sound so thick, but how do I 'clear my cache,' Sarah?? <thinks wistfully back to the days of slate and chalk and none of these technical shenanigans>

hiddenhome2 Wed 23-Sep-15 15:13:39

Is a 'cache' the browsing history and cookies?

SarahMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 23-Sep-15 15:58:57

hiddenhome - yes, it's basically the place on your hard drive that saves the files of websites that you visit frequently. It speeds up your internet experience, because if you click on (say) a MN thread, then click away, then click back again, it's much quicker for your computer to retrieve the page and its files from your hard drive than to download the page again - which is why it's possible that, when you're seeing a page displaying the error message, it's because your computer is looking at a cached (i.e. old) version of the page.

rambunctious I feel your pain <blows chalk dust off keyboard>. It depends a bit which browser you use - the easiest thing to do is probably to google "clear cache [your browser name]" - google will return you a list of instructions at the top of the search results page smile

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