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00100001 Tue 22-Sep-15 11:13:04

MNHQ won't change my default username back to 00100001 for me sad

HoneyDragon Tue 22-Sep-15 11:14:06


ShammyDavis Tue 22-Sep-15 11:18:35

wot she said ^

moresnow Tue 22-Sep-15 11:19:24

You ok there binary?

00100001 Tue 22-Sep-15 11:21:52

just that, I still own this username, but they won't change it back to being the default name in the 'username' box.

ShammyDavis Tue 22-Sep-15 11:23:11

So what? Do you really need to namechange that much that this is such a hardship?

Racundra Tue 22-Sep-15 11:27:38

There's a default? I've never seen this. Where is the box please?

DonkeyOaty Tue 22-Sep-15 11:29:33

When you say "won't" do you mean via email from on high or do you mean not saving the change/s in your account settings (forget the accurate name as too scared to go there in case I get de- classicked)

00100001 Tue 22-Sep-15 11:31:25

The one that is there by default in the username box Racundra.

shammy ... it is hardship, albeit it a teeny one, I've grown quite attached to it, and feel like I might 'slip up' one time, I NCed for a specific reason and now would just like my old name back, not too much to ask, is it? smile

usual Tue 22-Sep-15 11:31:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

00100001 Tue 22-Sep-15 11:32:14

I mean, I have reqeusted by email (twice) and they refuse to do it because of Jeffery confused

00100001 Tue 22-Sep-15 11:32:47

no, I didn't de-reg, just NCed, and just want my old name back as default smile

DonkeyOaty Tue 22-Sep-15 11:33:29

Oh right. I dunno really. Suck it up buttercup I guess. What a pest though huh.

PermetsTu Tue 22-Sep-15 11:33:31

You are doing it in customise right? Not just changing it in the box? I can type any of my 200 odd usernames in the box and post but to change the default, have to customise.

ShammyDavis Tue 22-Sep-15 11:34:30

But you've got your old name confused

How did this rejection go from MNHQ by the way, have they specifically said not we WON'T/CAN'T or are you assuming they won't because they haven't.

And are you sure it's not your own device doing it? - Chrome does weird stuff like this.

ShowOfHands Tue 22-Sep-15 11:38:14

Shammy, she isn't saying she doesn't have the name, just that her default posting name isn't the one she wants it to be.

My default posting name is PermetsTu and if I click post now, I will post as PermetsTu, however if I overwrite it.... <types> ... I become somebody else.

Binary wants a binary default.

It might just be a hangover from yesterday's brouhaha.

ShowOfHands Tue 22-Sep-15 11:41:35

I don't mean customise either. I mean in your account.

I've just been and changed my default name to see if it's a universal problem and it's changed across easily although it did flash up a warning about having to have a mix of numbers and stuff in usernames. Presumably, it doesn't apply to existing usernames (didn't prevent me from using this one for example) but might it have something to do with that?

Racundra Tue 22-Sep-15 12:02:30

Oh, I didn't know you could customise that, it just always shows whatever name I'm logged in as.

DiamondoInTheSky Tue 22-Sep-15 12:05:50

If you change it back in your Account section then it will become the default one again... It's not hard!!

00100001 Tue 22-Sep-15 12:11:42

I know how to change it back... but since I acquired this username, their criteria has changed (for some reason, can't be all numbers), so it says it's invalid when I choose it.

Any time I name change MNHQ have had to change it back for me through their magic.

They've done this for me before, but now are refusing on Jeffery Grounds confused

00100001 Tue 22-Sep-15 12:13:41

this is what I get smile

ShammyDavis Tue 22-Sep-15 12:40:47

Okay a bit clearer, - so they've managed to allow you you're all number username even though it now should be a mix of numbers and letters (and upper and lower case? - dunno)

I can see why it would be tricky to allow your now disallowed nn as default because they need that warning message in there. It might be a case that they can't just switch it off (technical) for you.

You can't really blame them not wanting to tinker with it since the kerfuffle over Jeffrey I suppose.

Do you have to keep typing in 00100001 every time you post even whe you remain logged in as 00100001? Is this just on the mobile site?

ShowOfHands Tue 22-Sep-15 12:41:43

As I suspected.

Bloody Jeffery. If they've changed the parameters to increase security for users, I'm not sure there's anything they can do about it. I know bog all about computers though.

ShammyDavis Tue 22-Sep-15 12:47:29

correction on that, - I was thinking of the password mix of letters and numbers etc.

Are you the only current member who is all numbers then I guess?

I wonder if you namechanged to OO1OOOO1 that would fix it, and it would still look like you.

00100001 Tue 22-Sep-15 14:00:14

I know they can put my name back, they've done it before - this is what makes it frustrating! smile

I might ask again.

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