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Mumsnet will be offline briefly at 3am

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SarahMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 30-Aug-15 20:27:46

Evening all,

Just a quick heads-up to let you know Tech will be taking the site down for around 15 minutes in the early hours of the morning, in order to carry out a software update. We'll be back up and running asap.

Thanks, and brew to all those deprived of AIBU during the 3am feed


ToadsJustFellFromTheSky Sun 30-Aug-15 20:46:04

As long as you promise it will only be 15 minutes, all will be forgiven wink.

3am is my prime MNetting time.

Capewrath Sun 30-Aug-15 20:46:36

Thanks. After last night, gulp, good to know.

It's the 3 am blues as well.

LittleMissLady Sun 30-Aug-15 20:47:22

Bugger. That's roughly when DS likes his night feed and I like a mumsnet session to keep me from buying crap on eBay that seems like a good idea at the time!

BathshebaDarkstone Sun 30-Aug-15 20:52:13

Thank fuck I'll be sound asleep in bed. Thanks for letting us know. smile

LuisSuarezTeeth Sun 30-Aug-15 21:11:11

Thank you smile

Simurgh Sun 30-Aug-15 21:22:34

Thanks Sarah. It's useful to pre-warn of planned down time, especially at the moment.


Simurgh Sun 30-Aug-15 21:23:17


DonkeyOaty Sun 30-Aug-15 21:29:30

Awwww just like the olde days when it shut down every night for a half hour or so <memories> <oldie>

Perfectlypurple Sun 30-Aug-15 21:35:27

What?????? I am night shift and that will probably be my break time!

AdoraBell Sun 30-Aug-15 21:41:01

Cheers for the warning Sarah

headlesslambrini Sun 30-Aug-15 21:46:06

Will we have to login again afterwards?

FattyNinjaOwl Sun 30-Aug-15 22:27:32

Thanks for the warning, that's when DS2 will be wide awake and feeding.

HeartsTrumpDiamonds Sun 30-Aug-15 22:44:16

That's only 10pm where I am now shock
Whatever shall I do with my evening!

Simurgh Sun 30-Aug-15 23:12:12

15 minutes. That's just enough time to prepare the G&T and have a shower, HeartsTrumpDiamonds.

(And after you've had a good, large G&T, it won't matter too much if they exceed their time by a few minutes. grin)

MrsTerryPratchett Mon 31-Aug-15 00:56:26

No brew for us forriners?

DulcetMoans Mon 31-Aug-15 01:21:26

But that's when the telly box updates too - I will be feeding with nothing to do. Nooooooo!

Simurgh Mon 31-Aug-15 01:36:34

Just trying to uphold tradition in this time of strife and uncertainty, MrsTerryPratchett. wink

AndNowItsSeven Mon 31-Aug-15 02:44:23

Telly box update??

DulcetMoans Mon 31-Aug-15 04:33:24

Yeah, since having a baby I've learnt that my digi box updates at 3am every night. Takes about 10mins and nothing is different when it comes back!

BathshebaDarkstone Mon 31-Aug-15 04:42:04

Well that was good, I slept through it and now DH has woken me up by coming to bed! angry

AndNowItsSeven Mon 31-Aug-15 04:43:15

How random dulcet, I never knew that.

Homebird8 Mon 31-Aug-15 04:55:30

I didn't sleep through it. Where were you MN when I needed to put the world to rights during a late lunch hour?

Garrick Mon 31-Aug-15 04:59:11

It was very quick! Congratulations grin

YY, Donkey, it used to be around 2am. I was brutally forced to watch re-runs of CSI during my insomniac nights, optimistically checking MN to see if it was back up yet or I'd have to watch that weird ginger guy solve another mystery in his annoyingly low-key manner.

DonkeyOaty Mon 31-Aug-15 09:54:53

David Caruso!

Garrick I didn't bother with trying to watch anything apart from QVC.

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