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Has the Customise screen been radically altered for some users?

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Simurgh Fri 28-Aug-15 22:33:17

And if so, which ones?

Three times since yesterday, a poster has posted a screenshot of a Customise screen which looks nothing like mine - eg markedly fewer options - with latest pictures in this thread.

What's happening, MNHQ?

Simurgh Sat 29-Aug-15 10:47:01

After all, if posters aren't kept abreast of developments, they can't comment usefully on points that other posters raise. smile

Simurgh Mon 31-Aug-15 21:17:32

Now that we're back to (semi) normal, is there any chance of a comment, MNHQ? smile

AngelicaDelight Tue 01-Sep-15 08:12:13

Yes - me - as per the 1000 messages thread - I can't customise a darn thing and the 100 message limit is driving me bonkers to be honest.

Simurgh Thu 03-Sep-15 12:56:03

I'm still OK to date - I guess I'm being grandfathered in.

So far. wink

AngelicaDelight Thu 03-Sep-15 15:08:54

Where are you MNHQ sad

BeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 03-Sep-15 17:17:40

Hi everyone - if you deregged and then reregged accounts, sadly the recent changes we made to a few things, including the option to view in classic to those with existing accounts, will mean any new users (rereggers) will be limited to "new" Mumsnet. We apologise for this.

Please do get in contact if you have any further questions and massive apologies for being so slow to get back to you.

Simurgh Thu 03-Sep-15 17:22:58

Thanks for answering, Becca. It's not precisely the removal of the option to view in Classic that is, I think, of interest to me - I was fully expecting that - but the significant changes to the Customise options: reduced down to about two or three on some pictures? (I give you the option to Hide the Social Media as an example - that now appears to be gone for re-reggers.) Is that reduction to be a permanent feature?

AngelicaDelight Fri 04-Sep-15 07:35:14

As I said on the other thread...

How is it pretty good?

- I can only view 100 messages per page
- I can't search threads any more
- Advanced search doesn't work if the post I am looking for isn't on the very first page
- I can't change the frankly HORRIBLE bright green and purple highlight colours.

And yes I can't change the social media options etc. It's as though you consulted with everyone about things and then went ahead and did them anyway hmm

TBH I'm pretty annoyed - it was not my decision to change, I didn't want to dereg, but for privacy and other concerns I had no choice. Now I have this really limited account with terrible functionality, through no choice of my own - and it has definitely affect the time I spend on here and how much I post.

There has got to be another option!!?

SayrraT Fri 04-Sep-15 12:04:14

There are a few things I don't like now that we don't have all the customise options (having dereg and reg again) but I really don't like the social media buttons being there. I have accidentally clicked on one of them and shared something. I don't want this to happen!!

Simurgh Fri 04-Sep-15 13:11:03

If I were being really cynical (Shurely not - Ed.) I would be thinking that all of this had a flavour of opportunism about it following the volte-face MNHQ had to perform recently with regard to colours and social media buttons - a sort of water-cooler conversation which went 'Try it out and see how badly they squeak: we can always put one or two things back if there's too much protest.' wink

I guess that people would be well advised to think of the minimum Customise facilities they need and concentrate on those. (It looks as if most of them are as dead as dodos in MNHQ's eyes.)

I'll put on the record here that I actually like Mumsnet New and I'm also in favour of cleansing the Augean Stables from time to time. I had thought, however, that Mumsnet would do at least some listening to their users in the form of consultation. It seems I was wrong - I'm considering opening a book on the Turn Off Date for Classic.

Simurgh Sat 05-Sep-15 01:07:56

Hi Becca

Can I ask if if the changes to the customisation of posting accounts are intended to be permanent (and if so when they will likely be extended to all site users) and what consultation was carried out before that decision was made?

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