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Probs typing messages

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StephanieBeacham Tue 25-Aug-15 18:55:59


since we came back on, I can't seem to type properly. This is taking ages - it keeps stopping appearing while I'm typing, then it keeps trying to catch up what I was trying to type, sometimes missing out letters or words.

Also I've ticked off for the highlight misspelled words and it's still highlighting them.

The writing keeps jumping about as well, in the middle of writing a post (when I click on enter)

I am on a desktop and operating win 10, and IE. (possibly a win 10 compatibility issue? only downloaded it today but no problems elsewhere)


StephanieBeacham Wed 26-Aug-15 07:05:24

I have gorn back to windows 7. Everything working perfectly.

That was a baaad trip smile
the computer turned into a giant phone which I had no idea how to use.

I wonder if anyone else has had typing issues on win 10 though?

mermaidbutmytailfelloff Wed 26-Aug-15 09:31:00

Yep. Not just mumsnet though, any typing, it misses out letters randomly - and whole words. I thought it was me actually not typing correctly ( fairly likely)

I am using edge with windows 10. Happens on emails too though.

StephanieBeacham Wed 26-Aug-15 10:06:19

Oh, thanks for replying - my emails on 10 seemed to be Ok. I didn't post on any other sites so maybe it wouldn't have worked on those either.

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