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Please could MNHQ delete all PM inboxes of those on The List?

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boatsgoby Fri 21-Aug-15 10:53:49

My home address is in at least one of those inboxes, which obviously is now far from secure.

WorraLiberty Fri 21-Aug-15 10:56:38

I had to remove 4 years worth of PMs manually, so good luck with that grin

Just when I'd got to the end of it, I realised I had to remove all the sent ones too...

AuntieStella Fri 21-Aug-15 10:57:56

Have you tried contacting the MNer in question?

It seems a bit unfair to delete someone else's entire mailbox, because of a possibility that amongst all the stuff they kept they still have some information which the sender wishes they hadn't sent.

GreyAndGoldInTheMeadow Fri 21-Aug-15 10:59:11

I'd suggest you ask mnhq to remove the pm from that posters pm's. I'm on the list but have no personal details of any other poster amongst my pm's, so removing all my pm's would seem extream and unnecessary as well as extra work for mnhq when I expect they are already quite busy.

ThisNameIsBetterThanMyRealOne Fri 21-Aug-15 11:00:50

I spent a few hours the other morning deleting all mine

I think all messages from all posters wether on the list or not should be permanently deleted.

Although I have deleted all my received and sent messages that means nothing as the messages I sent may still be in other members inbox and messages I have received will still be in other members outbox.

boatsgoby Fri 21-Aug-15 11:15:49

Is it safe to contact a poster on The List?

Worra, ditto, have spent ages deleting all mine. Then realised there was the Sent box as well. And now because the Sent box has been deleted, I no longer know the date I so inadvisedly sent my addy by PM. sad blush Yes, I know it was completely stupid.

And ditto, I REALLY don't want to add to MNHQ's workload - I'm not even sure that it matters that much - ie if there is any risk.

boatsgoby Fri 21-Aug-15 11:17:51

Sadly, ThisName, I think you may be right there.

PolterGoose Fri 21-Aug-15 11:19:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

akkakk Fri 21-Aug-15 11:20:06

with the forced logout and the change of password - in theory, no one can log into any of those accounts any more, other than the genuine owner who has had a password reset sent to their home email address...

while the hack was live, anyone with access to the list could have logged in and read those PMs - however, it is unlikely they did / there is little evidence of any info from PMs being released / if they did, it is too late to ask MN to delete it now...

so, while I can understand your concern I am not sure that it will actually make any difference...

boatsgoby Fri 21-Aug-15 11:21:30

Another thought is that it's going to be a damn sight quicker for MNHQ to delete all the PMs of those on the list than to get emails from people like me, saying "I PM'd FartFace about 20 times in the Spring this year, one of those PMs has my address in it, would you mind just deleting that PM with my details in?"

boatsgoby Fri 21-Aug-15 11:23:29

X-post, akkakk, thanks for that reassurance. I am not Very Important, so my addy is not exackerly tabloid fodder.

GreyAndGoldInTheMeadow Fri 21-Aug-15 11:24:34

I'm sure it's safe to contact them, all the passwords that were published are no longer valid even if they haven't set a new password yet. For it to be risky would require a new hacking incident to happen/have already happened which puts everyone at the same level of being hacked, not just those who were on the original list.

boatsgoby Fri 21-Aug-15 11:24:47

I have given my head a wobble.

magimedi Fri 21-Aug-15 11:25:00

I was on the list & have deleted all my inbox & sent PMs. Just tick the top one & select all & the whole page vanishes.

TooScaredToPostPostHack Fri 21-Aug-15 11:29:20

It should be personal choice, not something that should be done en mass.
I've just done mine, only took a few minutes, select all, delete, new page pops up and repeat through the pages. How does it take 3 hours?

Those affected though should have the option of having all their posting history deleted, in case username changes were looked up and all history can be linked

Simurgh Fri 21-Aug-15 11:29:57

I agree with akkakk in that for most posters on the list it may be a question of shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted because they would surely have taken action to secure their various accounts after finding out about the hack.

I would hope though that MNHQ will take note of any posters on the list who do not, after a certain point to be decided, change their MN passwords - and flag those accounts in such a way that only HQ can re-activate them on request. That should be easy enough to find out and do.

boatsgoby Fri 21-Aug-15 11:33:20

Some people are going to be too busy with RL crises to prioritise this, I reckon, big though it is.

GreyAndGoldInTheMeadow Fri 21-Aug-15 11:36:15

Simurgh, Everyone, not just those on the list, has had their passwords forcably reset already, even if they have not yet created a new one the published passwords are already invalid.

Simurgh Fri 21-Aug-15 11:37:43

Thank you GreyAndGold. I sincerely hope that that is the case.

Gobbolinothewitchscat Fri 21-Aug-15 11:39:20


FGS - I am on the list and do not want my PMs deleted.

I'm quite judicious about what I write to people and they seem to be too re: what they write back

If people want to delete their PMs they should crack on and do it themselves.

Plus, what if Jeremy has printed out or otherwise saved all of these PMs that are causing such concern as they presumably contain bank details etc? confused

This is actually all becoming quite ridiculous now.

Simurgh Fri 21-Aug-15 11:40:07

Indeed, boatsgoby and some of the people on the Ashley Madison list (eg LGBT members living in countries with 'unsympathetic' regimes) are facing potentially much much worse than members here.

PolterGoose Fri 21-Aug-15 11:51:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Gobbolinothewitchscat Fri 21-Aug-15 12:00:00

Can't senders just go through their sent boxes and check what's been sent?

Then a proper risk assessment can be done rather than just blankety deleting all PMs

SurelyYoureJokingMrFeynman Fri 21-Aug-15 12:05:41

Just to let any who'd PM'd me know, none of my names were on the list, and I anyway generally delete any PMs containing private details for precisely this reason (started after Heartbleed).

There were a couple of family history type emails I hadn't got round to deleting, but am now on it.

boatsgoby Fri 21-Aug-15 12:08:18

It would be v time-consuming for MNHQ to delete individual PMs pointed out by individual users.

One of the reasons it took so long for me to delete my own PMs is that I was saving stuff to Word as I went. Surely people on the list can do that?

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