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Stop e-mails being sent when someone comments on a thread I've commented on

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DrDreReturns Thu 20-Aug-15 20:38:51

Just that, is there someone to stop an e-mail being sent to me when someone else comments on a thread I've commented on?

BoreOfWhabylon Thu 20-Aug-15 20:41:27

You can turn it off in 'customise'

DrDreReturns Thu 20-Aug-15 20:41:27

Someway not someone. oops!

DrDreReturns Thu 20-Aug-15 20:42:01

Thanks BoreOfWhabylon

BoreOfWhabylon Thu 20-Aug-15 20:49:38

you're welcome smile

dilbert19912 Thu 20-Aug-15 20:52:22

I'm using the app and can't customise from here and Im reluctant to log on from desktop atm. Hopefully won't be too long before normality is restored and I can change it.

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