Can we be reassured about our addresses please?

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KayzMc Thu 20-Aug-15 07:22:11

I have just re registered and I was asked for my postcode and then for my address if I wanted to join the insight panel.

So can you tell us about where you store our addresses as your post about not keeping addresses can't be right.


JeffreysMummyisCross Thu 20-Aug-15 07:25:27

You didn't need to fill in that page - I've also re-registered, and I skipped it. Can you go into your profile and delete those fields?

KayzMc Thu 20-Aug-15 07:27:50

I didn't fill them in.

But I had them on my old profile and I after speaking to people who have deleted their accounts in the past they still receive emails from the insight panel despite being told their details had been removed.

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