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site went down again

(10 Posts)
ghostspirit Wed 19-Aug-15 17:36:02

mumsnet seemed to go down again hope thats not a bad sign

SewingAndCakes Wed 19-Aug-15 17:37:29

It's another DDOS attack, they're working on it.

dilbert19912 Wed 19-Aug-15 17:37:48

Yeah snap, only for a couple of mins but still a bit worrying considering recent events!!

acatcalledjohn Wed 19-Aug-15 17:42:59

Could just be MN techs doing sever stuff...

acatcalledjohn Wed 19-Aug-15 17:43:41

Sever stuff? FFS.


Shutthatdoor Wed 19-Aug-15 17:44:31

It is a DDOS attack. MNHQ have confirmed.

GarminGirl Wed 19-Aug-15 18:26:06

Yes saw on Twitter. Under attack again. Prob more info taken

SacredHeart Wed 19-Aug-15 18:30:06

A DDOS attack is unable to take information all it does is flood the servers stopping the site from coping.

If you imagine there are (just a random number) 5,000 users on mumsnet at any time a single user running a DDOS becomes 20,000 users asking the site for stuff and so it breaks.

It is the digital equivalent of a sit in, they are flooding the site stopping true users from getting in.

dilbert19912 Wed 19-Aug-15 18:38:03


acatcalledjohn Wed 19-Aug-15 18:38:31

Rather another DDoS than more swatting. If they ever find out who did that, I hope they will be blacklisted by police if ever they need police assistance.

It'll never happen, but one can dream.

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