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DextersMistress Sun 09-Aug-15 17:03:11

Been getting this constantly since yesterday, safari, ipad.

Anyone else?

RubySparks Sun 09-Aug-15 17:06:10

Yes I get that a lot, switched to using the app as I got fed up waiting for pages to load.

DextersMistress Sun 09-Aug-15 17:09:36

I used to get it occasionally but it's every few seconds at the moment. I'm using the app now on my phone to post but I prefer the other.

TheClacksAreDown Sun 09-Aug-15 17:09:48

Yes a lot. Getting annoying

IvyWall Sun 09-Aug-15 17:14:00

I get it a lot too
iPad using safari

FadedRed Sun 09-Aug-15 17:15:50

All the bloody time......I think it's 'someone' hmm trying to tell me to stop MNing and go and do something useful.......

VoyageOfDad Sun 09-Aug-15 17:16:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ARightOldPickle Sun 09-Aug-15 17:17:04

Happening to me too (Safari, iPad). Very irritating!

FruSirkaOla Sun 09-Aug-15 17:17:49

I get it on my iPad/Safari - it seems to 'right' itself quite quickly, although it's generally when I'm using free WiFi somewhere.

Not on my MacBook/Safari or iMac/Firefox at home though.

EmmanuelleMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 09-Aug-15 18:13:28

Hi there,

Thanks for flagging this. Is everyone having this problem using Safari/iPad?

Will let Tech know and get back to you asap.

DextersMistress Sun 09-Aug-15 18:15:56

Thanks Emmanuelle, it's being ok now but last night and most of today it was pretty unusable.

BoreOfWhabylon Sun 09-Aug-15 19:23:57

I think it's more of a Safari problem than an MN problem. Lots of complaints about it if you google. Seems to have got worse since latest IOS update.

IvyWall Sun 09-Aug-15 20:27:58

I only seem to get it when I'm on mumsnet. Not when I'm using other sites

BoreOfWhabylon Sun 09-Aug-15 20:29:42

You are lucky then grin. I also get it on things like online newspapers - think it must be all the ads.

PurpleHairAndPearls Sun 09-Aug-15 20:32:56

I get this. A lot, at the moment, usually when I have just typed a long post full of bollocks pearls of wisdom, and I lose it angry

Safari on iPad for me. MN only, interestingly.

hiddenhome Sun 09-Aug-15 21:51:02

Yes, I'm getting this on iPhone and iPad. More on iPhone though.

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