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Flaperon Wed 05-Aug-15 21:28:24

unable to post in other thread, testing

Flaperon Wed 05-Aug-15 21:29:29

OK, I tried posting in a couple of other threads and the 'post message' button would just grey out and my post wouldn't appear. Wasn't sure if it was my PC or MN.

TheTravellingLemon Wed 05-Aug-15 21:29:56

Yes, I'm having loads of problems with posting this evening.

BeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 06-Aug-15 11:55:17

Hi Flaperon and TheTravellingLemon - have you had any trouble since last night?

TheTravellingLemon Thu 06-Aug-15 12:34:25

No, thanks Beeca. It's been all good so far today smile

Flaperon Thu 06-Aug-15 12:59:37

It seems OK today, thanks Becca. smile

BeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 06-Aug-15 13:52:41

Oh, that is good to hear! Do shout if you have any more trouble. Thanks both.

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