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ConcreteElephant Sat 01-Aug-15 20:05:50

Occasionally threads pop up in Active (or Trending, or whatever the kids are calling it these days) - briefly, when first posted, then languish in Unanswered Messages and I notice that they are in the New Blog Posts sub-section, even thought they aren't related to Blogs at all. They are ordinary posts asking questions, seeking advice etc.

I have a theory. Are people who are new to the site seeing the New Blog Posts section and misunderstanding the purpose of that section, thinking that's simply where users start new threads? IYSWIM?

It's such a shame that people don't get responses because they are posting in totally the wrong place. There are several in the list now, which aren't links to Bloggers material.

Would a note at the top of that section help?

ConcreteElephant Sat 01-Aug-15 20:10:50

I've just noticed that the list does go back over a fair bit of time so maybe it's not a problem really...

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