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Listen, engage, understand the market

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Cindy34 Fri 26-Jun-15 06:38:08

Companies can Listen to what mumsnetters think about their products/services by reading the talk boards.

How do they engage? I have seen a reply from a Company Account on occasion but I would not call it engaging with the users, more like just a right to reply to a complaint.

Could be a thin line between engaging with users and advertising. If companies started conversations on talk boards, then that I would see as being advertising. If they joined in a discussion and gave their expertise without linking to their website, is that then advertising or engaging the community?

If Microsoft were allowed to post a reply to a How Do I Fix My Computer type post, that could be rather useful. Would it ever happen though?

Optimist1 Fri 26-Jun-15 07:43:15

I don't come on MN to engage with manufacturers; I want to engage with other consumers!

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