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iPad/safari problem, anyone else?

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Rainicorn Mon 18-May-15 16:21:30

On certain screens, mainly active convos, MN isn't working when I touch a convo to open. It works if I close safari down and go back though.mits getting very frustrating.

It's only happening on MN though, all other web pages are working fine.

VivaLeBeaver Mon 18-May-15 16:23:32

I've had it on and off for a few weeks.

24balloons Mon 18-May-15 16:26:36

I've had it for a couple of months. It's incredibly frustrating! Take a few reopens to login too!!

Rainicorn Mon 18-May-15 16:28:26

Glad it's not just my beloved iPad me then. Been driving me crazy.

cozietoesie Mon 18-May-15 16:49:54

I'd use the App on a ipad. Even in its current parlous state, it's better than MN on Safari - which lets you know my feelings on Safari!

SoupDragon Mon 18-May-15 16:51:16

I've not had a problem at all since I updated the iOS on my iPad. I've never used the app.

Rainicorn Mon 18-May-15 16:55:00

But I hate the app <stamps foot and pouts>

iOS all up to date.

cozietoesie Mon 18-May-15 17:25:25

Oh I hate the current App also - I just hate MN on Safari even more! wink

Maverick66 Tue 19-May-15 15:49:46


please sort it out Mumsnet

3rd complaint I've made.

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