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Is there any way of finding out a little bit about each other?

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LipstickMum Sat 01-May-04 19:57:09

I had a look through the Site Stuff archive, but didn't really come up with much. As a newcomer I find it quite difficult to keep up with who is who on here. Lots of people post very regularly, have meet-ups etc. and know lots about each other. But I was wondering if there was any way of having a brief profile of members, just saying the basics like, "LipstickMum, 31, dp, dd 11 months,sahm, Oxford" Only the kind of information we put on here anyway. That way, us newbies will know who is who without constantly having to ask!! Has this been thought of already? Is it a good idea?

Lisa78 Sat 01-May-04 19:59:24

I do think its a good idea lipstick mum - there was a thread recently about introducing yourself, which lots of people posted on but can't remember what it was called or what topic it was on (Lisa78, mother of two DS's, no memory whatsoever!)

motherinferior Sat 01-May-04 19:59:38

There is a thread, I think on Chat, called 'tell us something about yourself' which is quite recent.

LipstickMum Sat 01-May-04 20:09:56

I can't find that thread on through search (maybe I'm not doing it properly), but I actually meant so that we don't have to trawl through 300+ messages, just type in the nickname and get the information.

furniture Sat 01-May-04 20:11:27

I don't think it's on 'chat,' I think it's on 'Other Subjects'.

Beetroot Sat 01-May-04 20:18:23

Message withdrawn

motherinferior Sat 01-May-04 20:19:51

Not that that solves the original problem, point taken, LM.

sykes Sat 01-May-04 20:20:18

Beety, hello, I'm back from holidays how are you? Sorry, wrong thread.

tech2 Sat 01-May-04 20:22:28

i will ask tech about the idea of a member profile facility - seemed to be a popular idea before ...

discordia Sat 01-May-04 20:24:56

Good idea. It could be optional so that those who want total anonymity can have it. As Lipstick Mum said, just nickname, age, kids ages, area would be good.

tech2 Sat 01-May-04 20:26:47

not my idea btw - it was suggested on Site Improvements You'd Love to See thread recently!

LipstickMum Sat 01-May-04 20:46:44

Thanks for the link Beety I was having no joy... Maybe it is an idea that's come up before, I know I would benefit hugely from it Plus it could be optional as Discordia says.
Now I will go and read up about you all

Angeliz Sat 01-May-04 21:05:20

Great idea!

carlyb Sat 01-May-04 21:08:37

Lipstickmum - I like your nickname. I didnt post on the last thread about this so - 'carly, 29, ds 20 months, sahm, Essex'!

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