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Fantasy government: who should have a shot at running the country?

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KateMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 27-Apr-15 15:28:43

Hello all

We can't help but notice a <cough> mild exasperation with the political class in general amongst Mumsnetters - so we wondered, who would you like to see running the country? Could be a Sleb or a Civilian, a silly or serious suggestion - do tell us who'd get your vote?

ladymalfoy Mon 27-Apr-15 15:37:58

Raymond Redington for Security Minister.
The Patrician for PM
Susan Death Minister for Education.

TheGirlOnTheLanding Mon 27-Apr-15 15:38:12

Grayson Perry. He seems to have a genuine empathy with and compassion for all sorts of people and an understanding of how our society works.

AtomicDog Mon 27-Apr-15 15:40:28

Judy Dench to run MI6
Hugh Grant to be PM

Xenia for attorney general

AtomicDog Mon 27-Apr-15 15:42:25

Eddie Nair to be speaker of the houae

SirChenjin Mon 27-Apr-15 15:57:27

Judge Judy for PM. I know she's not British, but I'm sure that we can get around that (in fact, I know we can - she'll be PM!)

Adrian Turner for Home Secretary because he's so utterly gorgeous that he'll bring about world peace overnight.

Me for Speaker because there is far too much nonsense in the House.

KatyMac Mon 27-Apr-15 16:01:33

Dawn French, Maureen Lipman & Victoria Wood; on the basis that they are already a bunch of comedians & we might as well have funny ones

Fanjango Mon 27-Apr-15 16:05:21

Lady do you mean Susan Sto Helit? Great choice. grin

SurelyYoureJokingMrFeynman Mon 27-Apr-15 17:11:01

Birgitte from Borgen, of course! grin

InAndOfMyself Mon 27-Apr-15 17:19:21

Michael Sheen for the Health Secretary.

Joss Whedon as speech writer.

ladymalfoy Mon 27-Apr-15 17:39:19

Fanjango! Yes! Her married name!
So let's have Adora Belle Dearheart as Work and Pensions Minister.

ladymalfoy Mon 27-Apr-15 17:40:15

Jed Bartlett as PM!

MollyAir Mon 27-Apr-15 17:52:04

Grayson Perry and Philippa Perry

Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin

meglet Mon 27-Apr-15 18:14:33

JR Rowling for education and minister for single parents (i think they'd have to create that role).

Sir David Attenborough for environment.

Eddie Izzard could do something diplomatic.

prepperpig Mon 27-Apr-15 18:20:23

Yes Ladymalfoy! The entire west wing gang!

MonstrousRatbag Mon 27-Apr-15 18:26:16

Mary Beard for Education Secretary, assisted by all the science-y Order of Merit winners for science education and research funding.

Prof Edzard Ernst for Health Secretary

Dennis Skinner at Dept for Trade and Industry (for the lolz)

Prof Terry Eagleton to run Culture, Media and Sport

Benjamin Zephaniah as Local govt and Communities minister

Kirsty Wark as Foreign Secretary-go forth and kick ass!

Alastair Darling to go back to the Treasury.

Baronness Hale of the Supreme Court to be Home Secretary.

Anthony Head for Prime Minister.

AtomicDog Mon 27-Apr-15 18:46:28

I agree with Mary Beard.

OodlesofBoodles Mon 27-Apr-15 18:48:48


Butteredparsnips Mon 27-Apr-15 19:28:42

Camilla batmangellah for children
Victor adebewole for housing
Helen mirren at the home office
Aiden turner trade and industry. And agriculture
Tom kerridge food.
Michael Palin foreign office
Health pam ferris in full call the midwife attire

SquidgyMaltLoaf Mon 27-Apr-15 19:39:07

Michael Rosen in charge of education. He'd be ace.

ThatBloodyWoman Mon 27-Apr-15 19:43:01

I would like Ned Stark,please.

WhatWouldPhilDunphyDo Mon 27-Apr-15 19:49:17

JK Rowling as PM.

Michael Sheen as Chancellor.

MegBusset Mon 27-Apr-15 20:08:44

Yes to Michael Rosen for education.

Chris Morris for culture and media.

BathshebaDarkstone Mon 27-Apr-15 20:12:46

Mr Tumble.

Ducky23 Mon 27-Apr-15 20:46:01

Karl pilkington!

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