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Welcome aboard Spacemonkey!

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Justine (mumsnet) Tue 27-Apr-04 18:35:11

We're hugely delighted to announce that your very own Spacemonkey has agreed to join the mumsnet "tech team" in a part-time (evenings and weekends) capacity as Tech2; a role for which we can happily report she appears to be enormously over-qualified.
So if you notice any new super-whizzy new stuff you'll know who to thank and if it all goes horribly wrong...
Justine, Carrie and Rachel

Codswallop Tue 27-Apr-04 18:36:01

spacemonkey are you as dishy as tech?

collision Tue 27-Apr-04 18:36:41

Wow!!!! Great news Spacemonkey!!

tech2 Tue 27-Apr-04 18:36:54

no i look like herman munster

thanks for the welcome justine carrie and rachel

Codswallop Tue 27-Apr-04 18:37:51

have you ever seen him?!!

I cant wait to see your innovations ont he site. sort out that lot in the bar first

papillon Tue 27-Apr-04 18:39:15

Congratulations Spacemonkey!!

tech2 Tue 27-Apr-04 18:39:20

Well I'm mainly helping tech with the donkey work that he hasn't got time for, but if I'm very good he might let me do some whizzy stuff one day ...

Codswallop Tue 27-Apr-04 18:39:56

Like what tech2? give us an example? (seriously.)

melsy Tue 27-Apr-04 18:40:41

Go on girl, will done , hope to see you on the Heath very soon x.

tech2 Tue 27-Apr-04 18:41:41

not sure yet coddy, i just obey tech's orders

Codswallop Tue 27-Apr-04 18:42:40

so sapce monkey , you have signed up to do a jopb and you are not sure what you have to do?!!


Tinker Tue 27-Apr-04 18:42:58

Wow, what an exciting time you're having atm sm

tech2 Tue 27-Apr-04 18:44:37

I will be dealing with email enquiries and acting as first line of support as well as undertaking basic site maintenance and page creation.

I thought you were asking about the whizzy stuff and that's not up to me. I know my place

SoupDragon Tue 27-Apr-04 18:46:03

That'll explain your interest in the Drag Kings stuff...

Nutcracker Tue 27-Apr-04 18:47:29

Congrats to you SM wish i was technically minded.

Codswallop Tue 27-Apr-04 18:48:28

site maintenance! wow!
does he give you a tool box?1
<spacemonkey in overalls>

well done sm.

tech2 Tue 27-Apr-04 18:48:46

that's spacemonkey who's into all that weird drag king stuff

tech2 is an upstanding citizen who is polite, efficient and extremely normal

Codswallop Tue 27-Apr-04 18:50:05

look this is YOU!

wish i was techy too nutty

wish I could type!

tech2 Tue 27-Apr-04 18:50:51


Codswallop Tue 27-Apr-04 18:51:48

it says you can take htem off! oooh er!

papillon Tue 27-Apr-04 18:53:39

ROFL - I never knew u were so cute spacemonkey!!

Janh Tue 27-Apr-04 18:56:26

sm, well done!

Will you have to keep swapping names? Or do you have to log in separately to be tech2? (And do you get to work - ahem - closely with tech1?)

tech2 Tue 27-Apr-04 18:59:52

well if this was Charlie's Angels, tech is a bit like charlie ... i never get to see him, just hear his voice issuing commands from a dodgy teak effect speakerphone ...

tech2 Tue 27-Apr-04 19:01:25

I'm obviously Bosley and Justine, Carrie and Rachel are the Angels

Janh Tue 27-Apr-04 19:06:06

You'll just have to snog the speakerphone then. (Almost as good as a poster.)

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