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Davros Sun 25-Apr-04 22:09:18

No disrespect to the MNer who posted it, but how did we get the same lame tip of the day that we've had before to write your mobile no in biro on your child's arm? Please go to GLTC and buy some proper ID bands, they won't rub off and are more noticeable.

Carriel Mon 26-Apr-04 11:12:15

Hi Davros

The tip stays the same of Sat/Sun - so that may be why you saw it twice - or sometimes the same tip's been sent in by different people and as any one of three of us could have "made" the homepage we aren't aware that it's been put up more than once. Sorry for the annoyance!

The GLTC ID bands are a good tip, but - in the original tipster's defence - there are bound to be odd times when you haven't got anything like that and then surely a good old biro's better than nothing?

Anyway thanks for taking the time to feedback and the GLTC tip.

Davros Mon 26-Apr-04 19:57:30

Thanks Carrie, we had this "tip" some months ago. Still not something I would consider a "tip" as such...

AussieSim Mon 26-Apr-04 20:02:21

I liked the tip - used it on my DH on the weekend - although with PIN no. he is always forgetting.

SoupDragon Mon 26-Apr-04 20:36:17

Tip of the Day: Use a permanent marker pen to write your mobile phone number on your child's forehead in case of emergencies. It won't rub off accidentally or wash off in the rain. If your child should get lost, or be caught stealing grapes from Sainsbury's, you can be informed promptly.

2babies Mon 26-Apr-04 20:46:57

ROFL, SoupDragon. Soon we'll have the GPS homing device bracelets for all our children. Sad that the world has come to this. . .

Posey Mon 26-Apr-04 20:49:14

Will remember that one Soupy

SoupDragon Mon 26-Apr-04 20:50:06

Just take your child to your local vetinary surgery and have them microchipped in the scruff of their neck. That way, if they turn up at Battersea or an RSPCA rehoming center, they can be returned to you without delay.

Janh Mon 26-Apr-04 20:51:44

If you worry about the permanent marker washing off, your local tattoo parlour could do a more longlasting job.

charlieplus3 Mon 26-Apr-04 20:52:32

Oh My God Soup dragon !!! ive just wet myself laughing

charlieplus3 Mon 26-Apr-04 20:53:06

Stop it jan, i cant stop giggling, my sides ar hurting

SoupDragon Mon 26-Apr-04 20:53:38

You *really* should have done more pelvic floor exercises then

SoupDragon Mon 26-Apr-04 20:54:36

The problem with the tattooing is that you'd have to have it crossed out and redone if you changed your mobile number. Not a major problem but there's only so much space on a child's forehead

charlieplus3 Mon 26-Apr-04 20:54:54

Didnt think i needed to with ceasers, how wrong i was. My family think im nuts as cant stop laughing.

twiglett Mon 26-Apr-04 21:50:52

message withdrawn

lou33 Mon 26-Apr-04 21:53:25

Aw Twiglett you beat me to it !

Tommy Mon 26-Apr-04 21:55:55

LOL all of you! I'm always trying to think of a good tip but have never managed it yet - where do all these mnetters get their ideas from?

katzguk Mon 26-Apr-04 21:59:04

my DH thinks i'm mad, just roaring with laughter!!

sobernow Mon 26-Apr-04 22:08:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

eddm Mon 26-Apr-04 22:16:35

PMSL Twiglett! Or you could tattoo Gina Ford's number on their forehead...

Kayleigh Wed 28-Apr-04 14:48:05

Just found this thread and it has cracked me up. Unfortunately I'm at work and this will just confirm their belief that I have lost the plot since having children.

Davros Wed 28-Apr-04 22:30:00

Alright you pisstakers! You need to remember that I have an 8.5 yr old child who is non-verbal and therefore have to take this sort of thing quite seriously. Now you all feel like sh#te

Kayleigh Wed 28-Apr-04 23:27:12

oooh Davros. That was a bit below the belt

Davros Thu 29-Apr-04 11:37:44

Sorry Kayleigh! I know where to hit you below the belt because I wrote a target in biro when I saw you a few weeks ago

Kayleigh Thu 29-Apr-04 12:29:57

Oh so that's what you were doing. Thought it was a secret handshake sort of thing

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