"MI5 should recruit from Mumsnet..."

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KateMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 05-Mar-15 10:48:48

Hello all

There's a rather fabulous story in the news today, which suggests that the security services could benefit from MNers' skills. What do you think - time for us to make a [false beard] emoticon?

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PureMorning Thu 05-Mar-15 10:51:14

Perhaps they already do.....

<disappears unseen into the crowd>

BreconBeBuggered Thu 05-Mar-15 10:52:54

If they need someone whose special skill is getting melted chocolate down her dog-haired jumper and not noticing, I'm their woman.

<awaits call>

CaTsMaMmA Thu 05-Mar-15 10:54:44

I've always said that a crack team of Mothers could knock most governments into a cocked hat

or a set of stern but nimble Grandmothers for policing major events to keep any wannabe rowdy demonstrators under control with a hard stare and a mega phone you...what DO you think you are doing?? Yes you...with that brick...PutThatDOWN!

LocalEditorEssex Thu 05-Mar-15 10:56:44

I would be an excellent spy ask my children

gaggiagirl Thu 05-Mar-15 10:58:18

Dammit I'm not middle aged! Its probably best that I dont apply, I cant keep my own piss in, never mind international secrets.

fattymcfatfat Thu 05-Mar-15 10:58:22

<sneaks in unseen and unheard>

nothing to see here

<melts back into the shadows>


AndHarry Thu 05-Mar-15 10:58:34

Excellent. Will the spies get their own board?

JoanHickson Thu 05-Mar-15 11:00:07

I am disappointed my cousin hasn't recommend me to his boss.

<looks through diary for a free date to visit Uncle>

CMOTDibbler Thu 05-Mar-15 11:11:29

Fabulous! I heartily agree with the report though - the worlds come a long way from the cold war, but the same profile of people are recruited.

I like the idea of the GCHQ summer school that came out this week. I wanted to send ds as he could break any suspect with his incessant questions, but apparently 8 is too young...

sliceofsoup Thu 05-Mar-15 11:12:20


I would LOVE to be a spy. Like actually LOVE it. And no one would suspect me. I am too boring and frumpy.

LucettaTempleman Thu 05-Mar-15 11:12:29

I always wanted to be a spy but I'm a bit of a mad arse so wouldn't like the inevitable aspects of danger.

HermioneWeasley Thu 05-Mar-15 11:12:42

In RL my name is Ros Meyers <icy stare>

LucettaTempleman Thu 05-Mar-15 11:13:23

mard. Not mad. grin

Justforblogprofileadmin Thu 05-Mar-15 11:15:21

It's a good plan. We won't need special exploding pens, but could tech sort the following please:

Document dead-drop zones in Off the Beaten Track

A topic for anxious double agents called Am I being Treasonable;

A special place for spies to let off steam: "AIBU: to think that standing in a room next to where someone is being tortured and taking notes is NOT being a torturer"; "... that shaken not stirred is a perfectly reasonable cappuccino preference", etc.

ArcheryAnnie Thu 05-Mar-15 11:17:54

I'm in! I would be an excellent spy, on the Guy Burgess principle that nobody would believe that any intelligence agency with an ounce of actual intelligence would recruit me.

JoanHickson Thu 05-Mar-15 11:18:21

I would never be suspected either.

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 05-Mar-15 11:19:11



ShatnersBassoon Thu 05-Mar-15 11:19:15

I was just saying a couple of days ago I'd make a great spy. I go totally unnoticed everywhere I go, but I have a keen eye for detail.

Nobody suspects a woman in mum boots of anything underhand.

ArcheryAnnie Thu 05-Mar-15 11:19:53

A topic for anxious double agents called Am I being Treasonable;

This is so unutterably perfect, Justforblog. I want it embroidered on a sampler, printed on a t-shirt, carved in stone.

iseenodust Thu 05-Mar-15 11:20:26

I have experience in sitting in cafes and love people watching.

WereJamming Thu 05-Mar-15 11:21:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sparklingbrook Thu 05-Mar-15 11:23:00

Get them to call me. I'm ready and waiting.

ShatnersBassoon Thu 05-Mar-15 11:23:00

Yes, people who can't help but type their every passing thought into an online forum would make great spies.

Hiding in plain sight.

bobs123 Thu 05-Mar-15 11:23:37

Ah but how do we know that they don't already <taps nose> a couple of former Director Generals have been women after all smile

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