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What's a "reverse"?

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WhyNotSmile Wed 21-Jan-15 21:10:56

I've noticed a few threads where someone has posted to say they think the thread is a "reverse". I can't find an explanation of what that means - can anyone help me out? I figure it's something along the lines of someone asking a question about something that someone did to them, when really they were the one who did the action? something like that?

Bumply Wed 21-Jan-15 21:23:28

A reverse is typically where person A posts a thread in AIBU from person B's point of view - usually about something B said or did to A - in order to watch the Mumsnet collective gasp in horror at the awfulness of person B's actions.

When it is revealed part way through the thread that it's a reverse, person A usually gets rounded on for not putting it across from their pov and getting legitimate support.

You then have the difficulty of an occasional person B putting across their own pov with very unreasonable thoughts/actions, who is then accused of being a reverse when they're not...

IonaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 21-Jan-15 22:17:26

Succinctly put, Bumply.

WhyNotSmile Wed 21-Jan-15 22:34:27


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