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Moving ads appear to be paralysing mobile site/making it impossible to open threads

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teawamutu Sat 17-Jan-15 10:19:22

I'm using a Samsung Galaxy III mini and whatever its browser is.

Lately have ended up jabbing fruitlessly and repeatedly at the screen but not getting thread to open, or getting to next page and finding out it wasn't the thread Iwanted.

This morning, after several minutes of fuck all happening, I had to close the window and reopen it. I noticed the top of the page ad was a Sainsbos moving one, which I'm pretty sure has also been on other pages when the problem occurs. As have other moving ads (thought MN policy was not to have them, or do I remember wrong?).

I also suspect that the wrong thread problem is caused by the ads taking longer to load, so the page isn't laid out in the way it appears when you look at it.

Either way, highly annoying. And seems to be using up lots more battery life too.

Brandysnapper Sat 17-Jan-15 15:52:45

Sick of the moving ads on my iphone. I get that makes you look at them more - but not effective if it makes me look at mumsnet less!

teawamutu Sat 17-Jan-15 15:58:26

I make a point of not looking at them, tbh.

DawnMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 17-Jan-15 17:33:41

Hi teawamutu,

We're really sorry these ads are causing you a problem.

We'll flag this issue to our Tech team so they can take a look at what's going in.

teawamutu Sun 18-Jan-15 13:42:15

Thanks Dawn. Btw same thing just happened on style and beauty - repeatedly ending up on Active Convos when I wanted a thread. Moving ad on page.

Iirc you said when you switched to the new site that moving ads weren't meant to be there and should be flagged. Am I wrong or has this changed?

LineRunner Mon 19-Jan-15 19:14:54

Yes but MNHQ has been 'flagging with Tech' this problem for months.

It still exists, it is a real issue, and nothing really changes.

RowanMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 21-Jan-15 11:04:07

Hi there

We do allow ads that move: we try to avoid ones that flicker, and we don't allow ones that auto-play sound.

If individual ads are causing an issue for lots of folks, though, we're always happy to take a look. Is anyone else having trouble that seems to be associated with the Sainsburys one?

AnnoyingOrange Thu 22-Jan-15 11:03:47

The talk section is hanging again. Just started

I'm on safari on an iPad

teawamutu Fri 23-Jan-15 20:33:16

That's interesting, Annoying. I had wondered if they'd just stopped supporting my particular browser.

I can't actually log in on my phone at the moment - password not recognised, asked to reset, I do, and then told link expired (even if I'm trying within the minute). All v frustrating and I'm getting MN withdrawal on the train sad

Are you planning to update the Android app any time soon, btw?

LineRunner Fri 23-Jan-15 20:45:15

Certain hanging ads start slowly loading, then the whole mobile site freezes. They are always the ones that move.

Naoko Fri 23-Jan-15 20:46:52

Those ads are a pain in the neck on mobile. The sainsbury's one is one of the worst offenders, both for browser slowdown and for irritation in movement, but there are others. I'll keep an eye out for what they're for.

Also: moving ads, ALWAYS bad. No matter what the movement actually is, yes flickering is worse but there is no such thing as a good moving ad. They are always annoying. Please make it stop, or I'll just install an adblocker.

Iggi999 Sun 25-Jan-15 09:13:11

And I do not want a flashing message at the top of the screen telling me I have a message about one. It is not moving, it is flashing at me.

teawamutu Sun 25-Jan-15 09:43:30

Case in point: nearly finished a post about continuing problems and the page crashed.

I don't want to click on a thead and get the fecking ad at the top of the page because it's taking three years to load in all its flickery glory. I don't want to scroll down the page and hit an in-text ad. I want the page just to open so I can READ IT! The amount of data and battery I'm using to read a few bloody threads is absurd at the moment.

I have to admit, having hated the switch to the new mobile site I am finally used to it, esp now the text spacing is better - but these issues make it waaaaaaay less easy and pleasant to use than the old version. I realise I am over-invested but I bloody love MN and it's so frustrating sad

Can anyone recommend a decent adblocker? Would like to see if it helps but the only ones I've tried have been rubbish.

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeGoes Sun 25-Jan-15 09:46:04

The flashing "you have won an Iphone" one was annoying me earlier (I'm on an iphone)

PrincessSmartipants Sun 25-Jan-15 09:52:35

The ads have made the mobile site all but unusable and despite post after post telling MNHQ this nothing is changing.

My solution has been to make Firefox my default browser and to install adblock. No ads. No problems. Mobile site runs beautifully fast and smooth since I did this, no waiting an age for pages to load, no frantic jabbing that opens the wrong page...

MNHQ I would happily pay a subscription for an ad free version of the site and I bet others would to. Would you consider it as an option?

AgentProvocateur Sun 25-Jan-15 10:21:16

Yes, the flashing "you have won an iPhone" ad, that there have been several threads about previously, is back. I would gladly pay a subscription to have an ad-free site.

TheOnlyOliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 25-Jan-15 10:25:45

thanks for this and sorry tis annoying

LineRunner Mon 26-Jan-15 00:16:34

So what's to be done?

teawamutu Tue 27-Jan-15 19:04:34

Interesting. I logged in using my usual password and Chrome, and it's fine. So maybe you've made a change which doesn't work with my browser?

Can't find a decent ad blocker though - grateful for suggestions.

Brandysnapper Mon 02-Feb-15 18:37:01

...and it's still happening, does anyone actually think they will win an iphone? It doesn't make me click, and it makes me want to come off mumsnet, so who is benefiting?

LineRunner Mon 02-Feb-15 18:45:28

Just happened to me again ten seconds ago.

AgentProvocateur Mon 02-Feb-15 19:09:54

I've been complaining about this for weeks. There are dozens of threads. MNHQ - can you do anything?

RowanMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 04-Feb-15 14:09:05


Just to separate out what seems to be a few issues here:

the flashing iphone ads - we know they're bleeding annoying and we've been trying to get rid for WEEKS; we've now flagged it as an issue to Google Ads in the hope of getting a comprehensive solution. Do please carry on letting us know when you see them though

Ads that move: we do allow these, even on mobile - we don't allow ones that flicker in a way that might make people with epilepsy or other neurological conditions feel ill, and we don't allow any that auto-play sound, so if you see any of these please flag them and we'll take a look.

Ads that seem to be breaking pages/stopping pages from loading - please let us know about these and we'll take a look. (Bear in mind though that if you've got your preferences set to 'show all messages' and a thread is hundreds of posts long, it will take a long time to load whatever ads are showing - if your mobile signal is a bit tricky you might want to adjust your preferences to 'show 50 messages per page' until you're back on a stronger connection)

Any ads that you want us to take a look at - screen grabs or the URL of the pages they click through to are really helpful in allowing us to track them down

Thanks all

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