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Name changing

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AnonyMust Thu 01-Jan-15 17:02:24

Is it possible to do thi? How?

pookamoo Thu 01-Jan-15 17:03:16

Yes. Click "My Mumsnet" then account.

DawnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 01-Jan-15 22:33:42

Hi AnonyMust,

Yep, as pookamoo said, you can indeed change your username. Here's how:

If you're logged in, go to MyMumsnet - you can change your user name by typing in a new one where your old one is listed. Don't forget to save the changes.

Please note that while we allow user name changes for anonymity, we don't allow changes for malicious purposes.

Hope that helps smile

jackandjilly Thu 01-Jan-15 22:41:17

Is it possible to name change using the app? Thanks

KateSMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 02-Jan-15 11:04:04


Is it possible to name change using the app? Thanks

Not currently, but we have plan to unveil a shiny new app, with all the bells and whistles needed to name change.

GilbertBlytheWouldGiftIt Fri 02-Jan-15 11:12:39

I'm having trouble going back to my old nn, for some reason an error message keeps popping up - "talk names must consist of letters and numbers only and must be between two and thirty characters". My old nn fulfills the criteria, but it won't accept it.

SkankWadger Tue 06-Jan-15 11:15:12

I still can't change back to my old nn too. I flagged this up last week (just on my way to rereport my thread) and after an email telling me Tech will look into it, well I still can't change back to a preexisting nn.

This is the error message I'm getting: The chat nickname you requested (BankWadger) is already in use. Please try another.

KanyeEast Tue 06-Jan-15 12:10:09

Ignore me, I'm just trying a name change!

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