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How do I find a very old thread?

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Dancergirl Mon 15-Dec-14 15:07:30

I'm trying to remember something that happened quite a few years ago and I THINK I posted on here about it.

How far back can you search? Is there an easy way to find all threads posted by someone?

FruVikingessOla Mon 15-Dec-14 16:06:54

Do an Advanced Search. Use a few keywords, choose the topics you think it might have been in - and try to limit the time-frame (if you can remember when it was).

But if it was in Chat, it will have gone.

AmyMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 15-Dec-14 17:14:44

Hi Dancer,

Fru is right, advanced search is your best bet. Or if it was particularly note-worthy you might find it in classics!

FruVikingessOla Mon 15-Dec-14 18:15:07

Dancer, 'classics' can actually be found in the topic named 'Mumsnet Classics', if that's any help!

Dancergirl Mon 15-Dec-14 18:16:29

I think it might have been in chat. Is it lost forever then??

Just out of interest, how long has MN been going?

FruVikingessOla Mon 15-Dec-14 18:22:41

Sometimes threads from Chat get moved into Other Subjects if MNHQ feels the thread doesn't actually rate a move into 'classics'.

Mumsnet was started in 2000.

ChristmasKateMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 16-Dec-14 17:40:17

Chat threads automatically get deleted after 90 days, so if was indeed in Chat, chances are it's gone now - sorry!

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