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Zombie Threads

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Sparklingbrook Fri 05-Dec-14 19:33:08

Would it be a good idea to have the red zombie messages continuing even after the thread has been resurrected IYKWIM. So everyone posting would know?

This one got bumped back into life today as is set to run and run with nobody reading the whole thread but just commenting to the OP from May 2011.

LeopardInABobbleHat Fri 05-Dec-14 19:49:48

More fool them really. It's not hard to read the date on an OP.

Sparklingbrook Fri 05-Dec-14 19:51:13

I guess so. But it does show who doesn't RTFT which is quite funny.

LeopardInABobbleHat Fri 05-Dec-14 19:55:15

It is grin If they want to waffle on to someone who left 2+ years ago then who are we to care?

Sparklingbrook Fri 05-Dec-14 19:58:55

I suppose so. leave them to it then. grin

IamtheZombie Fri 05-Dec-14 20:10:16

Did someone call?


Sparklingbrook Fri 05-Dec-14 20:26:59

grin Zombie do you get a zombie klaxon?

LineRunner Fri 05-Dec-14 20:29:58

How about Zombie reporting?! I got 'warned' for a one word post from over two years ago.

Sparklingbrook Fri 05-Dec-14 20:31:19

Did you Line? shock confused

LineRunner Fri 05-Dec-14 20:33:20

Yes. Never got to the bottom of it with MNHQ.

IamtheZombie Fri 05-Dec-14 23:51:14

Of course Zombie gets a klaxon.

grin grin grin

PulpsNotFiction Sat 06-Dec-14 00:08:46

The warning needs to be at the top of the thread, not at the bottom after you've wasted bleedin hours reading it!
It's usually a troll or a spammer resurrecting them cos they've no imagination grin

KeatsiePie Sat 06-Dec-14 00:13:20

And doesn't it seem like there are a lot of them being resurrected lately?

Not by one person (trollishly), either, as far as I can recall. Just various posters randomly posting on them. Made me wonder if something's going on with the site to make old threads come up as new.

YonicScrewdriver Mon 08-Dec-14 07:30:07

Also on mobile, you have to actively choose to show the OP after page 1 so if you didn't click right away, you might continue to miss it.

AmyMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 08-Dec-14 17:16:44

Hi folks,

What's all this about a zombie attack? The problem with a permanent zombie warning is that sometimes threads are resurrected and then turn into useful conversations.

And zombie, we'll see what we can do for you!

Honeydragon Mon 08-Dec-14 17:24:33

But the still useful conversation can continue even with the zombie warning in place.

Would certainly help with the resurrected mortgage one where people kept referring to earlier figures being totally wrong. They weren't ... They were just three years old grin

TiggyD Tue 09-Dec-14 17:08:15

The warning needs to be at the top of the thread, not at the bottom after you've wasted bleedin hours reading it! Yes. I concur. Maybe a warning banner across the centre of the page (MN seem quite good at making annoying pop-ups), or possible some kind of bolt that fires out of zombie resurrectors' computer screens? Through their irritating non-reading faces? Jagged and rusty?

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