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Why is breast and bottle feeding now infant feeding?

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JollyCrumbs Tue 02-Dec-14 19:27:25

I'm curious.

There are now folk posting there about weaning. And it's not clear whether or not that is the place to post about BF/FF past 1 year, iyswim.

TheEagle Tue 02-Dec-14 19:30:39

There was a thread about this last week I think and the official word was that "breast and bottle feeding" was too long a title for the mobile site.

MNHQ offered for the OP to suggest a different name but I'm not sure that happened.

JollyCrumbs Tue 02-Dec-14 19:38:47

Argh sorry I missed that thread! Will have a look back.

Lilacpurpleviolet Tue 02-Dec-14 19:44:30

What was it called before? Were there two boards, one for bf, one for ff? Or one board called great and bottle feeding?

JollyCrumbs Tue 02-Dec-14 19:47:03

It was one board called Breast and Bottle Feeding smile

Lilacpurpleviolet Tue 02-Dec-14 20:13:09

Ah ok, in that case, 'infant feeding' is a good alternative imo. smile

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