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Anyone else unable to namechange on mobile site?

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RoastitBubblyJocks Sat 29-Nov-14 09:57:02

I've been trying to name change for a few days but when I go to my account page, put in one of my other names, put in my password and press save changes, I get an error message from Mumsnet saying "Sorry, an error occurred".

Has anyone else had this problem?

DawnMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 29-Nov-14 17:16:31

Hi there,

We're assuming (hoping!) that because nobody else has posted that they're having trouble with this, it was either a temporary glitch or something specific to your mobile.

If the problem's still occurring, can you let us know if you're on Android/iPhone, and also which browser and operating system you're using?

Many thanks.

Oh, and one last thing. We have a new, official MNHQ thread for you to post any ongoing mobile site issues - it's here smile

RoastitBubblyJocks Sat 29-Nov-14 20:50:27

Probably just me then! It's still doing it, I'm using Android and the browser is Dolphin.

Sorry for posting in the wrong place!

IonaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 30-Nov-14 16:57:13

Hi Roastit, Sorry this is still happening. How annoying. Would you mind posting on the thread Dawn links to above? Tech are looking at these and trying to solve as many of them as they can as quickly as possible.

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