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a email was sent to me and i accidently deleated it

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mummytojames Tue 13-Apr-04 01:19:38

an email was sent to me with the message a message from mumsnet but i accidently deleated it would there be any way of finding out who sent it or have it sent again just incase it was important

LipstickMum Tue 13-Apr-04 01:21:02

Check in your 'deleted items' box, that's where these things go until u empty that box, u can read it there and/or move it back in to the inbox

mummytojames Tue 13-Apr-04 01:28:28

thanks lipstick mum i never thought of that i will go and cheack now

mummytojames Tue 13-Apr-04 01:30:22

trash empty oh well lets just hope it wasnt important

LipstickMum Tue 13-Apr-04 01:32:30

that's very weird...

mummytojames Tue 13-Apr-04 01:34:45

emailaccount automaticaly deleat trash every couple of days so today must have been bin day in my eamil account thaks for your help anyway

LipstickMum Tue 13-Apr-04 01:36:47

very annoying, np!

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