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Forestfly has been in confession all morning

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beetroot Fri 02-Apr-04 12:49:19

Message withdrawn

michellefromlakeland Fri 02-Apr-04 12:50:56

only if you tell us what she said

Fio2 Fri 02-Apr-04 12:52:04

she hasnt really been banned has she?

harman Fri 02-Apr-04 12:53:50

Message withdrawn

marthamoo Fri 02-Apr-04 12:53:50

I knew I shouldn't have gone to bed early. I always miss everything

You can unban her for me!!

michellefromlakeland Fri 02-Apr-04 12:54:27

MM are you Julian?

michellefromlakeland Fri 02-Apr-04 12:54:53

think its not up to us folks!

Fio2 Fri 02-Apr-04 12:55:03

oh come you havent banned her for a couple of swear words in a title


kiwisbird Fri 02-Apr-04 12:56:50

ohh nooooooooooooo poor FF
I'm off to check the rules now!!

marthamoo Fri 02-Apr-04 13:00:11

Have just spoken to her on MSN - she is very sorry and very hungover. I think she should be forgiven.

Janh Fri 02-Apr-04 13:00:23

there is a thread complaining about - so it did upset people. Oh dear.

nutcracker Fri 02-Apr-04 13:00:38

No really

Is this a joke ??????

Fio2 Fri 02-Apr-04 13:00:44

she only swore

marthamoo Fri 02-Apr-04 13:01:11

Beside she's taught me a new word! And no I am not repeating it here as I don't want to get banned as well.

justiner Fri 02-Apr-04 13:01:34

Blimey - can't believe that was FF. We thought it must be a troll! Reason we banned user was because we (and all sites) are vunerable to someone doing this sort of thing multiple times just for a "laugh" and that would be tedious and time consuming to delete. Anyway will get Tech to un-ban her soonest... so long as she promises to be a very good insect from now on

marthamoo Fri 02-Apr-04 13:02:18

Oops. Can see that people would be upset, but she didn't mean it.

Fio2 Fri 02-Apr-04 13:02:28


TheCODERATOR Fri 02-Apr-04 13:04:21

Martha were you JUlian?

kiwisbird Fri 02-Apr-04 13:04:34

my god helpful head honchos with a sense of humour
Weehayy I have landed at the right site finally...
Wonder what FF was drinking? LOL

marthamoo Fri 02-Apr-04 13:04:43

No I'm Sam!

beetroot Fri 02-Apr-04 13:05:04

Message withdrawn

marthamoo Fri 02-Apr-04 13:05:12

Was Julian on the thread?

TheCODERATOR Fri 02-Apr-04 13:06:58

No on one of mine day before yest

Thort it was soupy

Fio2 Fri 02-Apr-04 13:08:23

dont know kiwisbird but I want some!

Julian is my cousin

TheCODERATOR Fri 02-Apr-04 13:08:57


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