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Tech - can you get rid of the horrible thread titles

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Moomin Fri 02-Apr-04 08:08:39

Can you remove the horrible offensive thread titles asap? I'm aware that someone might actually be getting off on me posting this anyway, but still... Thanks in anticipation

twiglett Fri 02-Apr-04 08:09:48

message withdrawn

M2T Fri 02-Apr-04 08:49:26

??? Which threads??? Have we got a troll epidemic again?

Mum2Ela Fri 02-Apr-04 08:59:29

I always miss everything

coppertop Fri 02-Apr-04 09:00:52

There's a thread with c*** and other similar words in the title. Not sure about any others though.

coppertop Fri 02-Apr-04 09:02:05

I mean it has the full word in it - not just 'c***'.

Moomin Fri 02-Apr-04 09:03:06

There were some threads this morning with a string of swear words as the titles. I looked at one and it was clear it was a troll. The other one was actually a genuine post about swearing but I thought it was another troll title because it was the same format - a string of (albeit less offensive) swear words. I'm not prudish at all and I do swear like a trooper in certain circumstances but I thought this was a bit uncalled-for.

SoupDragon Fri 02-Apr-04 09:18:18

I emailed contactus this morning to ask that it be removed. It was under "chat" and as Moomin said, it was clearly a troll. The other one was (I think) genuine.

Jennyb851 Fri 02-Apr-04 17:37:48

I think i was the first to see that, hence my post "this is NOT me pissing around". I was shocked, shocked, shocked. It was posted at 2.21am (exactly the same time i was posting something) and i was really concerned about getting the blame. It quite freaked me out actually thinking that there was someone wandering around here at that time in the morning, having a good laugh at all our personal stuff. It sounded like a man to me, from the language. Its not something i would have expected a woman to come out with. I swear myself but that was out of order. Totally horrible.

twiglett Fri 02-Apr-04 17:39:23

message withdrawn

Janh Fri 02-Apr-04 17:41:10

It was Forestfly, jenny - she was veryverydrunk. Was barred, has apologised profusely, MN have reinstated her and she promises never to do it again (she is called VeryGoodInsect today).

Jennyb851 Fri 02-Apr-04 18:08:13

naughty naughty insect! can see it with a sense of humour know mrsbeardlady is revealed and i have posted on the other thread to say so. Oh the joys of wine consumption.

Jennyb851 Fri 02-Apr-04 19:57:02

just been giggling about this actually. its just struck me that i said "only a bloke would come out with words like that" but to know that, i must know what those words mean (and i do)...and if i know what they mean i a bloke? ooh er

SoupDragon Fri 02-Apr-04 20:15:43

Well, ARE you? You're a hairy trucker in a string vest aren't you?

I know what they mean but only because DH told me once. Or maybe I@m a man too...

SoupDragon Fri 02-Apr-04 20:16:23

that was "Trucker" BTW, not another swearword.

popsycal Fri 02-Apr-04 20:17:35


emmatmg Fri 02-Apr-04 20:19:34

Ahhhh, I really want to know what they mean.....I'd never even heard of half of them!


misdee Fri 02-Apr-04 20:20:06

i know what those words mean, and they dont bother me, as i heard them a lot from the filthy mouth of a dj. kinda blank them out after a while.

SoupDragon Fri 02-Apr-04 20:21:25

I'm fairly certain you *don't* want to know what they mean...! They refer to practices I'd certainly never heard of or imagined. But maybe I'm a bit naive

VeryGoodInsect Fri 02-Apr-04 20:23:25

I am obviously not a lady, that goes without saying

beetroot Fri 02-Apr-04 20:24:42

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Fri 02-Apr-04 20:29:00

Do you think they'd be in there?

misdee Fri 02-Apr-04 20:30:34

the Fe*** one was of of the dj's favoutite words. oh the joys of undergroud music.

beetroot Fri 02-Apr-04 20:35:11

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Fri 02-Apr-04 20:39:02

Found a delightful "alternative" dictionay which lists swear words for about 30 or so different languages complete with explanations. One of FFs words was missing though

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