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when did all these ***TRIGGERS* start getting pulled?

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GretchenWiener Sun 06-Jul-14 22:05:11

who decides what is a TRIGGER?

Mylovelylovelyhorse Sun 06-Jul-14 22:12:54

It was about the time we all stopped asking for hands to hold

GretchenWiener Sun 06-Jul-14 22:13:39

snort grin

Rainicorn Sun 06-Jul-14 22:14:40


StairsInTheNight Sun 06-Jul-14 22:15:31

Is this thread <lighthearted>?

<head tit>

Mylovelylovelyhorse Sun 06-Jul-14 22:18:07

<clutches pearls>

Cube of poo rivers of sweetcorn minges etc

kelper Sun 06-Jul-14 22:18:48

WTF is a head tit?! epic autocorrect!

GretchenWiener Sun 06-Jul-14 22:19:50

lol at lighthearted

ooh you lot are funny

GretchenWiener Sun 06-Jul-14 22:20:46

YOU are a head tit

* creates new insult *

kelper Sun 06-Jul-14 22:23:35

Still none the wiser at what a head tit is, but will take the insult;)

fluffydoge Sun 06-Jul-14 22:23:38

trigger - anything that can remotely remind someone of a bad experience
lighthearted - someone having a go at someone else or being very unreasonable or just being a twat but they just don't want to admit it
<clutches pearls> I have got it right haven't i?
HTH hun

GretchenWiener Sun 06-Jul-14 22:24:35

tbh my worst experience was as a 2 year old in a Spanish campsite when i got lost


NO> the fuckerz

BIWI Sun 06-Jul-14 22:25:15

<sparkly ticker>

StairsInTheNight Sun 06-Jul-14 22:52:33

Oh dear, head tit sounds better than tilt anyway.

<inserts pic of self pouting into camera wearing pixie wings>

tethersend Sun 06-Jul-14 22:56:12

I Have A Broken Piece Of A Rifle In My Hand And I Don't Know Where It Goes (possible trigger)

Mintyy Sun 06-Jul-14 23:01:27

Yes, your thread is not a proper thread unless it has ***WARNING!!! POSSIBLE TRIGGER!!!!!*** in the title. Its like the bleeding Daily Mail round here.

That, or [**********GRAPHIC CONTENT****************]




GretchenWiener Sun 06-Jul-14 23:04:48

or my fave

* light fucking hearted *

TeamEdward Sun 06-Jul-14 23:08:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TillyTellTale Sun 06-Jul-14 23:16:38

For some reason, I now have a line from this poem going through my head, on account of this thread.

Er, great!

trufflesnout Mon 07-Jul-14 00:33:44

Whenever I see those threads, I always think the announcing of a trigger must be a trigger itself <ponders>

GretchenWiener Mon 07-Jul-14 09:39:01

they are at it again

The one that bugs me... "Aibu to be concerned about this *trigger***"

How is anyone suppsed to know whether it is something that will trigger them (for i accept that it does have its place sometimes) if they dont know whether the thread is about p&c parking, spiders/trypophobia or child abuse.

Or if you have one bad "trigger", should you avoid all threads with the word, just in case? Actually, if people wrote proper fucking titles, there would be no need for trigger warnings at all!
<and breathe>

GretchenWiener Tue 08-Jul-14 17:37:40

i might start a thread just with trigger
see who looks

TriggersBroom Tue 08-Jul-14 17:47:00

Someone mention my name?

TheFirstOfHerName Tue 08-Jul-14 17:49:26

What if the word 'trigger' is the trigger?

grin at 'head tit'

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