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DottyDooRidesAgain Thu 03-Jul-14 18:29:13

I have just reported a post and I just want to make sure you are aware ( I know how busy you get smile) I think it really needs looking at.

By the way if you leave it to stand I will accept that as I can be a tad sensitive sometimes grin

EllenMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 03-Jul-14 19:10:34

Hi DottyDoo. We'll take a look at your other report, but it might take a while to get back to you, as we'll need to have a look at the whole thread.

(FWIW it's probably more efficient for you to just report a post using the 'report' button rather than starting a thread about it and then reporting that - it's making a bit more work at this end!)

Will get back to you shortly. grin

DottyDooRidesAgain Thu 03-Jul-14 19:20:51

Thank you Ellen I understand.

I did report it (the specific post) first before I started this thread but I know you can get really busy and wanted to kind of sound a klaxon but mine is broken sad. I have since reported another on the same thread. smile

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