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I want to be lower case too ...

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Fisil Sun 28-Mar-04 22:10:34

How come every time I type my name it comes up with a capital? I type fisil in the Nickname box, but it is posted as Fisil.

I think it's personal - some of you have wonderfully trendy lower case names, I have a naff old fashioned capitalised one.

How do you do it?

spacemonkey Sun 28-Mar-04 22:12:13

I think it's probably stored in the database in mixed case, so it doesn't matter if you type it in lower case in the nickname box, it will be retrieved as per the database

That's just a guess though!

I was thinking about you today and hoping you're feeling ok fisil XXX

eddm Sun 28-Mar-04 22:14:14

I think your cap makes you appear pretty clever!
Dunno - I think my name's pretty bad but had to choose something I'd actually stand a chance of remembering (ds initials). But never had a caps problem, just typed in lower case... maybe a software glitch of some sort?

eddm Sun 28-Mar-04 22:14:53

Distinguished, that's the word I wanted, although obviously clever too

popsycal Sun 28-Mar-04 22:14:59

go back to change your details....and type fisil

popsycal Sun 28-Mar-04 22:15:21

i once tried mine with a capital P and hated it so changed back

Fisil Sun 28-Mar-04 22:15:34

ah, so I could go to my details and change my name?

Fisil Sun 28-Mar-04 22:16:20

oooops, sorry pops, posts crossed.

Right, off to change my name.

fisil Sun 28-Mar-04 22:17:23

ta da!

popsycal Sun 28-Mar-04 22:18:07

much nicer

fisil Sun 28-Mar-04 22:18:19

I'm touched you were thinking about me sm. I had a really good week at work, and so am feeling a lot better - it's nice to be back in control! Thanks for asking.

CountessDracula Sun 28-Mar-04 22:50:44

fisil I preferred you as Fisil

Glad to hear you're feeling better - and your dh?

fisil Mon 29-Mar-04 07:14:30

Ah, but you're a grammar girl! The capitalised version makes me feel like a dominatrix!

Dp seems to be a bit happier - I'm making sure he has his time and I'm being more open myself. Thanks for asking.

Fisil xx (just for you!)

tech (MNHQ) Tue 30-Mar-04 11:39:13

Hi fisil, if you change the talk nickname on your member profile page to lower case it will come out lower case in future....

Tinker Tue 30-Mar-04 11:58:13

Why is everyone going all lower case? Even people who aren't called bossykate are doing it. Feel all old now.

WideWebWitch Tue 30-Mar-04 22:34:15

Tinker, I don't as a rule but sometimes post in lower case atm if I have the baby on my lap - just can't do shift adn the letter with 1 hand, too hard.

SoupDragon Wed 31-Mar-04 07:51:09

Capitalised and PROUD of it

BearintheBigBlueHous Wed 31-Mar-04 09:55:19

Tech, can I have my final "e"? Is 21 letters really too much to ask. It would make me feel complete. Ta

WideWebWitch Wed 31-Mar-04 09:57:48


Northerner Wed 31-Mar-04 10:01:52

From another capitalista.

Whats wrong with capitals? Names SHOULD start with a capital letter, it's grammatically correct.

I am not going to be bullied into going all lower case by your capatalist comments.


Janh Wed 31-Mar-04 10:03:45


(Good northern name!)

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