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Must enter a first name?

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lettertoherms Sat 21-Jun-14 07:43:54

Went to do a namechange, same way I always have. Using mobile site, android device. Put in new nickname, put in password, hit save changes.

No namechange, instead some red text angrily informing me MUST ENTER A FIRST NAME.

I'd rather not, actually. I like a bit of privacy. Especially if I want to namechange to overshare on the tmi threads

Thistledew Sat 21-Jun-14 07:44:42

Make one up.

lettertoherms Sat 21-Jun-14 07:46:32

But then if someone suspects who I am they could see the same made up name attached to both nn? <paranoid>

KateSMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 21-Jun-14 17:29:00

That's bizarre lettertoherms. Android has been a bit weird with MN recently though. Is there any way you could try NCing on a non android thing, just so we can check if it's a problem with them, or with your account?

lettertoherms Sat 21-Jun-14 17:44:20

It might take a couple days, sorry, I don't have any other internet access.

It has been weird. I also sometimes, but not always, get a pop up saying "Access Denied" when I press post or prievew, but the post/preview goes through normally so it doesn't seem to matter.

JuniperTisane Sat 21-Jun-14 17:46:21

I put God in.

lettertoherms Mon 23-Jun-14 06:06:10

I tried it on a desktop, and it did the same thing, 'must enter a first name'.

themonsteratemyspacebaragain Mon 23-Jun-14 06:42:00

I re-registered the other day and thought exactly the same thing! Didn't seem quite right, but then thought they probably wanted it to personalise emails or newsletters and such?
Can't confirm that though as i unticked to recieve all that kinda stuff.

MyLifeIsLikeARiverOfSweetcorn Sat 28-Jun-14 18:37:17

Happened to me too

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