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schoolsgettingonmynerves Wed 18-Jun-14 14:02:07

Some of the responses to posts are hilarious and I just want to show that person that I agree!

Come on mumsnet team it's a no brainer! smile

Add the word 'agree' if you'd like to see that! (See if there was a like button it would be soooo much easier...)

Heathcliff27 Wed 18-Jun-14 14:02:31

Agree agree agree

TotallyAddictedToLurking Wed 18-Jun-14 14:05:32

Why oh why does this come up so often? It's not Facebook!!

If we all 'liked'posts then where would the conversation be? All the witty and hilarious posts.

What if you have a sensitive post?
What if people' like' inflammatory posts?

Where does it end? Should we have a dislike button too?

I'm ranting but this comes up so often now.

JennyOnTheBlocks Wed 18-Jun-14 14:05:56

I disagree

I like the chat, like buttons will kill that on a forum this size

ZeroSomeGameThingy Wed 18-Jun-14 14:06:25


It's a conversation!

Tweasels Wed 18-Jun-14 14:07:03

No way, no thanks.

If you like what someone has said, just tell them.

TanteRose Wed 18-Jun-14 14:07:32

Please don't

ReallyTired Wed 18-Jun-14 14:07:56

I certainly don't want mumsnet linked to facebook. Perhaps we need something more original than a facebook style like button. Perhaps we should be able to throw virtual rotten tomartoes at posts we don't like.

If a post got too many rotten tomartoes then mumsnet towers could look at the thread.

NotWeavingButDarning Wed 18-Jun-14 14:09:29

No. Just no.

AryaOfHouseSnark Wed 18-Jun-14 14:11:51

Nah, it would do away the conversation.

schoolsgettingonmynerves Wed 18-Jun-14 14:21:01

It wouldn't do away with conversation at all. It would just cut down the whole 'i agree with what so and so said'. A pointless post. If someone has got something more to say then they will still say it! It would just be interesting to see the number of people that agree even if it is an inflammatory post. I hate Facebook but the 'like' button just gives that person a little nod that you've read it and they are not alone.

If this comes up so often then a lot of people must feel the same. Maybe a 'dislike' button could also be added or would that just 'boggle the mind' ...Jesus....

elQuintoConyo Wed 18-Jun-14 14:26:53

Fuck that for a game of soldiers.

If I like something or find something funny, or appreciate a post etc, I'll take time from gazing out of the bus window and post, highlighting the poster's name.

I have a longer attention span that a nine year old.

wafflyversatile Wed 18-Jun-14 14:29:38


greenhill Wed 18-Jun-14 14:42:39

Conversation is not a popularity contest with posters vying for the most likes. Join the conversation or don't, reply to individual threads if you want to and disagree or agree with people by replying to them or PM people if you want to be sycophantic

EverythingCounts Wed 18-Jun-14 14:45:17

No, please don't do this. It leads to less interaction and surely interaction is the whole point of the talkboards. Plus the popularity contest issue as above. Treat us like adults who want to actually talk to one another.

EdithWeston Wed 18-Jun-14 14:46:26

Please no!

Every time this has been suggested before it's been rejected (on the back of a poll of users one time).

MN is still grappling with the unfortunate consequences of the big increase it posters already. Now is not the time to make more changes.

MarshaBrady Wed 18-Jun-14 14:46:39

'Like' is the internet equivalent of a grunt or prod. Just type what you think.

so no way

schoolsgettingonmynerves Wed 18-Jun-14 15:12:04

It's a like button people calm down.

wafflyversatile Wed 18-Jun-14 15:15:14

I've lived through these changes before. I saw the objections, the hotly heated debates. And then the likes arrived and everyone seems to love them.

RowanMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 18-Jun-14 15:26:18


We have indeed had this conversation many times! Will be interesting to see if the consensus has changed - do let us know what you think.

FruVikingessOla Wed 18-Jun-14 15:28:42

Heavens above - not again?! This has been going on for years.


HavantGuard Wed 18-Jun-14 15:29:57


Fuck no.


HavantGuard Wed 18-Jun-14 15:31:23

We could have a 'Fuck off to Facebook' button.


UriGeller Wed 18-Jun-14 15:32:02

It'd be disappointing for the posters who make what they think is a pertinent comment and don't get 'liked'. Then it might put people off commenting or offering an opinion that isn't "popular".

Comment should be free from all that. However much it appears like one sometimes, MN isn't a school playground.

Heathcliff27 Wed 18-Jun-14 15:32:36

It's laughable how much reaction this has caused. Its a like button, not mandatory to use it, if you wouldnt want to use it then you wouldnt, if you did you then you would. Chill the biscuit out.

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