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Android App "unable to connect with Mumsnet"

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ChineseFireball Thu 22-May-14 20:03:05

Hello. I've had difficulty with the Android app today and can't seem to connect. Is it just me? I keep getting an error message (hopefully I've attached a screenshot). I'm running Android 4.1.2 on a Samsung, if that matters.

overthehill74 Fri 23-May-14 07:35:22

Me too! Samsung phone. Help! confused

PeachTrees Fri 23-May-14 07:38:21

Me too, both on HTC and hudl

Ginfox Fri 23-May-14 07:38:24

I've been trying all night (because I was up BFing, not because I'm addicted much). Even uninstalled and reinstalled the app - Samsung phone.

notamonkeysuncle Fri 23-May-14 07:39:20

And me! Samsung user too

SecretSpy Fri 23-May-14 07:40:54

Same here
Also Samsung

Tis very annoying

Mandatorymongoose Fri 23-May-14 07:46:59

Same issue here (Samsung phone)

Doje Fri 23-May-14 07:55:38

And me.... Help us Mumsnet!!

Galena Fri 23-May-14 07:55:58

Me too - also on Samsung.

weebarra Fri 23-May-14 07:57:54

Me too. Samsung also.

Doje Fri 23-May-14 07:58:50

And me.... Help us Mumsnet!!

Doje Fri 23-May-14 07:58:58

And me.... Help us Mumsnet!!

spiffysquiffyspiggy Fri 23-May-14 08:09:25

And me. I'm home all day with the kids. I need the app back!

JonesTheSteam Fri 23-May-14 08:13:08

Me too! Can't log in on my Motorola Moto G or my Google Nexus! Aaargh!

SpineInABap Fri 23-May-14 08:41:24

Ok so it's almost 9am, hopefully some techy person will be arriving on the office soon and fixing the Android app!

MintyCoolMojito Fri 23-May-14 08:49:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

verona Fri 23-May-14 09:35:30

Same here on both phone and nexus

kazzawazzawoo Fri 23-May-14 09:40:52

Still can't connect today either (Samsung, android).

alemci Fri 23-May-14 09:53:59

both on my Samsung phone and android tablet. I can get on the main site obviously. I tried uninstalling etc.

Doristhecamel Fri 23-May-14 10:13:40

Samsung Android here too. Been able to log in to mumsnet since yesterday evening.

Glad its not just me but what the hell is happening???

Is it going to be fixed anytime soon?

AmyMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 23-May-14 10:14:03

Hi all,

So sorry to hear we left you in the wilderness all night! There appears to be a problem with the app, which is also why the site is running slower than usual. We're working on it, but in the meantime it might be worth trying the mobile site instead?

brew for those who were up all night trying to get through to the site.

mumeeee Fri 23-May-14 10:51:50

I'm another one who can't log in to mumsnet on my android app.

RunningKatie Fri 23-May-14 13:18:45

Me too! I even reset my password in case that was it.

Help me or i will be forced to make (and eat) chocolate cookies

Galena Fri 23-May-14 13:27:47

The website is running so slowly for me though sad

TheCheesyBiscuit Fri 23-May-14 15:00:53

Me too. Cant log on using the app.

thefemaleJoshLyman Fri 23-May-14 17:47:22

I'm glad it's not just me. App not working on my Samsung phone or tablet,

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