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Inappropriate 'smileys'

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ColdTeaAgain Mon 28-Apr-14 23:59:09

Sorry if this has already been queried but I have been noticing that people are putting a hmm smiley when I'm sure they don't mean to use that one, it is usually following a comment about something really sad and it just looks so out of place! Is it something to do with the app?

Forgettable Tue 29-Apr-14 00:04:10

I think it is an ipad/iphone swipe easily-done thing (sorry for clunky description)

ColdTeaAgain Tue 29-Apr-14 00:14:11

Ok, am on the app...



ColdTeaAgain Tue 29-Apr-14 00:20:28

Back on website...

Ok I see what it happening here, on the app both those smileys look 'sad' but viewing them on website they look completely different. So people are putting a hmm when they mean to use sad.

The smileys are quite far apart on the app so I think it's because they look too similar not because they are pressing wrong one by accident.

I think this needs fixing as people will be unaware if they only use the app and I've often seen people putting a raised eyebrow smiley when commenting on something really sensitive, it's not ideal!

KateSMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 29-Apr-14 17:17:37

Thanks for raising this ColdTeaAgain - we're currently in the process of re-doing the app, so a new shiny version without inappropriate emoticons should be on it's way soon.

We know this is less than ideal, but the new app should sort this issue out!

ColdTeaAgain Tue 29-Apr-14 20:55:04

Thanks KateS, looking forward to shiny new app smile

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