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Support your local site and win a fab prize - NOW CLOSED

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KateSMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 24-Apr-14 11:18:04

Want to get involved with Mumsnetters in your area AND nab yourself some beautiful bespoke art work? Then do we have the competition for you! All you have to do is set your local home page site.

Firewater Gallery is an exciting new online art gallery that produces beautiful hand-drawn map art and modern landscapes of the places most special to you and your family.

To be in with a chance of winning a set of 3 totally bespoke & beautifully designed pieces of map artwork, we'd like you to set your local home page site.

Mumsnet local is growing all of the time, many of the sites are producing fabulous monthly newsletters with local offers, hosting meet-ups and chatting about everything from finding a local Brownie group to where to have a family friendly meal.

How to enter

First visit here and enter your postcode. This will bring up a list of your nearest Mumsnet Local sites.

Chose the one you want to be your home page, and go to that local site. Once you're on the page, go into 'My Sites' at the top of the page, and set it as your home.

After you've done that, come back to this thread and post (you don't need to say which site you have set as your home site) to say you've done it - your name will be added to the hat, and we'll pick a winner at random.

Once you've set your local home site, do feel free to add any local events or listings that you know about, or start a thread or two. You can have another local NN so no one need know who you are on the main site to avoid any RL/MN local crossover.

Good luck, we will pick a winner out of the hat on Wednesday the 30th April.

Me please! smile


mistlethrush Thu 24-Apr-14 12:27:41

I always used to have a 'home' one and a second one (that's near but I don't live there) also listed - is that still possible - I've tried 'edit' but can't see how to add a second, non 'home' site?

As a local ambassador, I think I've already done that, haven't I? Will I still be entered into the competition, please?

NumTumDeDum Thu 24-Apr-14 12:51:06

All done! Fingers crossed!

PrickleHead Thu 24-Apr-14 13:16:20

Done smile

MothershipG Thu 24-Apr-14 13:23:42

This thread prompted me to wander over to my local page, which is still virtually dead, and respond to a couple of posts, but when I tried to add one to my watch list I got this error....

HTTP Status 405 - Method Not Allowed

type Status report

message Method Not Allowed

description The specified HTTP method is not allowed for the requested resource.

Apache Tomcat/7.0.47

Lesuffolkandnorfolk Thu 24-Apr-14 13:33:34


Come on over to #Suffolk and #Norfolk. We have a lovely shiny new editorial site too here and I spent all day yesterday listing events on both county sites for your perusal.

Reward me by entering the comp wink and make my worn away finger prints worthwhile. smile

LocalEditorDorset Thu 24-Apr-14 13:39:01

Hello! See you at the Dorset site which has new listings added every day. We have some mums asking questions about schools in West Dorset if anyone can help?

ChutesTooNarrow Thu 24-Apr-14 13:42:42

Done smile

WaterlilyTH Thu 24-Apr-14 13:54:40

A big thank you to everyone who set MNTowerHamlets and MumsnetNewham as local home page sites!
We also keep our local sites up to date with the latest information and current events.

BucketofDinosaurs Thu 24-Apr-14 14:05:55

Done smile

Lesuffolkandnorfolk Thu 24-Apr-14 14:17:28

We have a lonely Mum from Thetford/Brandon who really needs to make some new friends. I have been tweeting her thread daily.

Is there anybody who can reply or private message her?

annalisejane Thu 24-Apr-14 14:22:25

hi Ive set it as my home thanks for helping me find my local info xxxxx

LocalEditorReading Thu 24-Apr-14 14:28:36

Big thanks and 'Hello' to everyone headed Reading's way!

FrankUnderwood Thu 24-Apr-14 14:35:37

I'm set

mrspeacockinthestudy Thu 24-Apr-14 14:38:14

Done. Hoping the traffic picks up in my local one as it's dead in there mostly!

LocalEditorCambridge Thu 24-Apr-14 14:39:00

Cambridge is a busy friendly site - lots of local threads & people needing advice on schools, nurseries, where to live / go out etc - Also meet ups being planned & a book club about to start (with wine too).

LocalEdit,orReqding - my ds1 is at university in Reading - I could try to persuade him to go along to a meet up, but I'm not entirely sure he'd go. grin

mistlethrush Thu 24-Apr-14 14:54:54

Its a nice campus at Reading SDTG (although I think I might be straying from the course of the thread and I don't want to be told off for sidetracking it!)

Teladi Thu 24-Apr-14 15:04:50


stealthsquiggle Thu 24-Apr-14 15:18:45

Done, although I think I had done it already [cheat]

CherryEmma Thu 24-Apr-14 15:28:09

Thank you to everyone with Kingston ( or Surrey ( as local home page sites smile.

We have loads of great local offers and competitions, so keep checking these pages:

Local Editor

DorothyBastard Thu 24-Apr-14 15:29:34


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