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Button to specify whether reporting a post or a whole thread.

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RandallFloyd Tue 22-Apr-14 22:33:29

What does anyone think?

Would it be possible, or even useful, to have a button on the report screen to specify whether we are reporting a whole thread or just an individual post?

Just an idea.

usualsuspectt Tue 22-Apr-14 22:41:15

I think it's a good idea.

I always thought there should be a report thread box.

Sparklingbrook Tue 22-Apr-14 22:44:04

YY a button at the top would be good. Would make it more clear for MNHQ too.

McPhee Tue 22-Apr-14 22:45:05


Maryz Tue 22-Apr-14 22:46:31


I sometimes feel bad reporting an op, because it isn't really the op I want to report, it's the entire thread which has turned into some sort of weirdness, not always the op's fault iyswim.

RandallFloyd Tue 22-Apr-14 22:47:34


I just think it might make things a bit quicker for HQ and easier than having to type an explanation.

Sparklingbrook Tue 22-Apr-14 22:48:34

YY I sometimes say something along the lines of 'thread has gone pear shaped in the last half an hour'.

FunnyFoot Tue 22-Apr-14 22:48:35

Sorry to sound thick but when you report don't you have the option to comment?

If you wish to report the whole thread wouldn't you just hit report on the OP's original post then put in the comments box 'Whole threads gone tits up maybe delete'

If reporting on an individual post then just hit that posts report button and say ' this comment is goady/a PA/troll hunting'?

Or am I missing the point completely? (it has been along day)

RandallFloyd Tue 22-Apr-14 22:49:42

That's a good point, M.

It's not always a hairy handed OP, sometimes it's just bunfighty nonsense.

usualsuspectt Tue 22-Apr-14 22:51:34

It would just make it a bit easier to report the whole thread if you couldn't be bothered to type out an explanation.

Not that I'm lazy or owt.

RandallFloyd Tue 22-Apr-14 22:52:03

No you're absolutely right, Funny.

I was just thinking along the lines of a quick button.

In the same way as we have the option to 'report as spam' or 'other'.
Perhaps a 'report post' and 'report thread' button would negate the need to explain iyswim.

FunnyFoot Tue 22-Apr-14 22:56:52

Fair do's.

I suppose if I felt so strongly as to get an entire thread deleted (I know this is very much frowned upon unless obvious sex/goady troll) then I would feel the need to state why a whole thread should be deleted on my say so, not just hit a button.

All sorts of thread could be deleted, just because they offended someone. Lets face it there is always somebody offended on MN.grin

RandallFloyd Tue 22-Apr-14 23:02:19

Oh I don't mean because you don't like a thread so much as obvious trolly business.

The likes of the 'I have 23p to last 6 months, I've got 7 kids and no legs. Can anybody help me find a way to raise £3.50 for little Timmy's gruel?' type of thing.

RandallFloyd Tue 22-Apr-14 23:11:16

(I also think a 'creepywankyperv' button would come in very handy)

FunnyFoot Tue 22-Apr-14 23:11:46

Ahhh now I get you.

BUT (you see my big but) I was on a thread earlier, very clear red flags, alarm bells all singing all dancing dishonest poster. Questions were asked regarding the obvious inconsistences (I really do mean questions not troll accusations, the people asking were those who had been hand holding since 2am) and guess what MNHQ shut it down as 'there was troll hunting'.

The fear of upsetting the few is what is upsetting the masses. MN is so publicised and not always for the right reasons, now wishes to shed the image that made it so popular. Straight talking, fuckwits will not be tolerated place to be. That was a good place.

If not careful MN will end up like Narcissus and will fall so in love with it's new image it will drown.

Fairenuff Tue 22-Apr-14 23:25:36

(I also think a 'creepywankyperv' button would come in very handy)

Yep, I agree that would be a very useful button.

RandallFloyd Tue 22-Apr-14 23:28:46

In fairness, I think that's what they say when they know it's bolleaux but can't prove it so can't say it in so many words.

TSSDNCOP and all that.

I do see why it annoys people when they use that one though. It makes it feel like the Troll got away scott-free and perpetuates the 'next of vipers' reputation.

Maryz Tue 22-Apr-14 23:36:12

For me, it would be more that I wanted them to look at the thread, not the post.

So I very rarely report personal attacks, I generally report for pervy business, or I report bollocks, or a bunfight. Sometimes I just want them to look at what has happened to the whole thread, not at what one poster in particular has said or done, and it can be kind of hard to explain what is wrong without reading the thread.

Maryz Tue 22-Apr-14 23:36:39

That makes no sense [baffled]

Night smile

FunnyFoot Tue 22-Apr-14 23:38:06

Tbh I would prefer it if they said:

'Thread was deleted because frankly we don't know. Both sides fought a good fight but nobodies a winner'

That to me would be a truer word spoken. (is that even a sentence?)

When they delete for 'Troll hunters' it just gives those hairy handed feckers more ammo to try it again, like they won. I am probably been petty but for some reason today's thread really got on my tits. grin

RandallFloyd Tue 22-Apr-14 23:38:19

It does make sense, honest.
<strokes brow>

Night smile

RandallFloyd Tue 22-Apr-14 23:39:22

I agree with you, Funny.
I think it's definitely something that needs looking at,

Fairenuff Tue 22-Apr-14 23:39:42

I've just done it. Goady title. New poster. I just reported the OP and asked HQ if they think it's dodgy.

I report quite a lot now since HQ don't want us to challenge any posters directly. As can be seen on the thread that FunnyFoot is talking about.

(Or can't be seen now, as it's been deleted for troll hunting).

FunnyFoot Tue 22-Apr-14 23:40:17

Yes Maryz it made sense.
Most of the time it is not one post but a whole host of post between members and the OP or sometime just members. You have to read it (the thread) to see what direction it is going in.

FunnyFoot Tue 22-Apr-14 23:44:39

PM the thread Fair I am a glutton for punishment today grin

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