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Chocolate and puns - IT'S THE EASTER NAME CHANGE COMP - voting open!

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KateSEggMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 15-Apr-14 13:41:21

Dust off your old Easter nick name or think of a shiny new one and get into the Easter spirit! tbusmile

We egg-spect a clutch of terrible puns, so please don't disappoint us.

Post on this thread under your Easter nick name saying what your old nickname was (so we can see how clever you've been tbuwink).

Tomorrow we'll create a poll of some of the best names, and you can vote for you favourite. The three most popular names will be announced on Thursday, and will win a chocolate egg making kit, from

So hop to it! tbugrin

BIWI Tue 15-Apr-14 13:52:12

Hmm. I can't access My Mumsnet to change my name!

BIWI Tue 15-Apr-14 13:53:45

I just get a weird format, list of 'links' that don't work

KateSMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 15-Apr-14 13:54:52

Ah, that is quite a major draw back isn't it.

Bear with us <scurries off>

KateSEggMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 15-Apr-14 13:59:48

Aha, fixed now, as you can see from my hilarious name change hmm

If anyone thinks of any Kate/Easter jokes then shout! <lazy>

BecauseImWoeufIt Tue 15-Apr-14 14:02:40


I've dusted this one off. It's a bit tight, but should do the job grin

chocolatesaltyballs Tue 15-Apr-14 14:02:53

I used to be ballsballsballs, but my name isn't eggsactly a pun.

KateSEggMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 15-Apr-14 14:04:26



I've dusted this one off. It's a bit tight, but should do the job grin

Vintage darling, love it wink

onetiredfromthesugarhighmummy Tue 15-Apr-14 14:13:46

Mine isn't the best but here it is.

Onetiredmummy to onetiredfromthesugarhighmummy as a homage to the amount of chocolate eggs I expect to eat on Sunday morning grin

wheretotheEasterBunnygonow Tue 15-Apr-14 14:16:49

I used to be wheretoyougonow tbugrin

Thought for the day- you are being an eggsellent (get it?!) parent if you help eat your childrens Easter Eggs as you are protecting their teeth. This is what I tell myself every Easter tbuwink

EasterSundaySimmons Tue 15-Apr-14 14:18:02


chocolatesaltyballs Tue 15-Apr-14 14:19:20

Great name BecauseIwWoefIt. tbugrin

ImAThrillseekerBunny Tue 15-Apr-14 14:23:24


Frankly, after what I discovered on the "Google your MN name" thread, (dodgy "amateur porn" site) I think this might be the last hurrah for this name anyway.

OhChristHasRisenFenton Tue 15-Apr-14 14:24:19

I've always admired that Easter name BIWI tbusmile

HighwayRat Tue 15-Apr-14 14:31:39

[bsmile] yay!!

as you were.

HighwayRat Tue 15-Apr-14 14:32:02

how do we do the bunny smiles sad sad

LeagueofEGGtraordinaryBunnymen Tue 15-Apr-14 14:40:19

Was FifiLeBoo

I remembered my new password tootbusmile

Betterlatethannevermagi Tue 15-Apr-14 14:44:18

And only 3 months late!

magimedi tbusmile

HighwayEgg Tue 15-Apr-14 14:54:34


MooseyMoeufsChocolateNearer Tue 15-Apr-14 15:14:37

<twirls> normally MooseyMoo

I am always eating DC chocolate tbublush

BunniesBurneze Tue 15-Apr-14 15:36:07

I am not entering the competition with this effort, but I did want to join in the name-changing fun.

And this is my NC of a NC grin from BerniesBurneze

WaveorCheep Tue 15-Apr-14 15:49:38

I'm normally WaveorCheer tbusmile

WillieWEggledEgger Tue 15-Apr-14 16:15:50


(Though actually if you say it out loud it just sounds posh. Or possibly kiwi)

Scoffalotachocfortea Tue 15-Apr-14 16:24:07

I was Rissolesfortea but now I'm in my easter dress tbugrin

EasterBunnyFuntStoleAllTheEggs Tue 15-Apr-14 16:28:59

Previously TheCunnyFuntIsGettingMarried

What do you think? <twirls>

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