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PigletJohn Fri 14-Mar-14 18:16:52

thanks, I've found "Messages per Page" - is that it?

ummingandahhing Fri 14-Mar-14 18:13:42

Scroll up. Just under where it says Mumsnet Talk there's a bit that says Customise.

But I don't understand why I can see Pages if I'm reading a thread that I haven't commented on or started myself. confused

PigletJohn Fri 14-Mar-14 16:29:36

where are the preferences?

JenBehavingBadly Fri 14-Mar-14 16:24:42

This is the same problem as not being able to go back to "view pages" after you've chosen to view all comments.

ummingandahhing Fri 14-Mar-14 16:17:08

I have Messages on Page set to 25 if that's what you mean?

RowanMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 14-Mar-14 10:32:34

Hi ummingandahhing - do you have 'pages' set in your Mumsnet preferences?

PigletJohn Thu 13-Mar-14 21:09:21

I prefer pages too, especially if it is a long long long thread

ummingandahhing Thu 13-Mar-14 20:43:54

If I'm reading a thread, I can see pages but as soon as I comment on it and go back to it later, I can only see all posts on one page.

The same things happens if I start a thread as well. I actually prefer pages. Help! sad

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