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Boardreader stats...can anyone help ?

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AnyFucker Thu 06-Mar-14 20:18:33

Does anyone know how to link to the Boardreader stats for most prolific posters on MN? I have seen it on here and can't find out how to do it again. Cheers.

BOFtastic Thu 06-Mar-14 21:33:54

I've been trying to work it out for ages, with no luck. It must be the most user-unfriendly site I've ever seen!

AnyFucker Thu 06-Mar-14 21:39:48


ChaosTrulyReigns Thu 06-Mar-14 23:08:07

Not quite, but nearly?

ChaosTrulyReigns Thu 06-Mar-14 23:14:18

Right, I've find an MN link to scores on the doors on Boardreader. It links to what I've posted up there.

Perhaps they don't break it down so anymore.

Sorry, AF.

cozietoesie Thu 06-Mar-14 23:17:13

That's the link I had, Chaos, and normally it would show prolific posters but today it doesn't. I suspect it's the Boardreader site and not the link that's having a problem. (If you look at the 'What is this page' on the link, that page is supposed to contain Top Authors.) I'd save the link and try again some other time.

AnyFucker Fri 07-Mar-14 07:30:18

That makes me feel better that other people can't find it. I thought it was just me being fick. I can find how many posts on each topic but not individual posters top ten.

The moment has passed anyway. smile

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