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Porny 'serve ad' pop up/web page opening from an MN thread.

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AmberLeaf Fri 14-Feb-14 20:22:00

I was just on a thread and a porn/hook up page opened up.

I have all the regular MN ads down the right side and the box that has ads that are generated by your own google searches.

Im using a laptop that is very new and that only I have access to. I know that sometimes these things happen because of the user search generated ads, but I can 100% guarantee I havent been on any sites like that! I may have 'clicked' on something on the page, this laptop mousepad sometimes 'clicks' on things as you slide your finger across rather than actually tapping on it.

Maybe this happened because of another website Ive visited, but I can't think of any sites Ive been on that would do that?

I can link the thread I was on and the page that came up if necessary.

It quite possibly is something to do with my laptop, but thought Id highlight it just in case it is MN related.

lovestea Sun 23-Feb-14 22:17:41

I have not had it since Thursday pm now. Thank goodness.
Why are some people getting it, but others not?
Thank you for trying to sort it MN.

YouAreTalkingRubbish Sun 23-Feb-14 21:44:18

Can I suggest everyone opts out of interest-based ad's on Google (and you tube)
You can find a link to google ad preferences in THIS BBC ARTICLE

If you have APPLE ios7 products (ipad, iPhone etc) I would read THIS article and Disable Location-Based iAds, limit Ad Tracking and disable as-tracking.

If you have had a particular problem then I would clear out my cookies and web data.

There will be ways to stop interest based ads/pop ups on other operating systems.

They are all out to get you confused grin


cozietoesie Sun 23-Feb-14 19:19:14

Looks like whatever tech has done has worked judging by the absence of fresh reports?

cozietoesie Sat 22-Feb-14 08:13:03

Out of interest, I haven't had any popups on this site for 24-36 hours now - but I got the boobs on a completely unrelated site. (And I do mean completely unrelated.) That may be a clue for Tech? (My laptop has been carrying something around with it?)

LEMmingaround Fri 21-Feb-14 19:50:41

Oh my god, this has happened to me too - topless women, Smash a - i raked my poor DP over the coals! Olivia what HAVE you been up to?

lovestea Fri 21-Feb-14 19:47:09

Thank you for that cozietoesie.

cozietoesie Fri 21-Feb-14 19:31:39

I'd say that the ad itself is not - although it's of questionable content - but it's the way it's being done that is dodgy. Your computer should be fine as long as you've got standard protection on it.

lovestea Fri 21-Feb-14 19:18:23

Thank you cozietoesie , that's so helpful of you.
I will try and do that, but I suffer from terminal technophobia so might wait until my computer savvy son comes home before I attempt it. I am such a wimp.
Is this malware? Can it harm a computer?

cozietoesie Fri 21-Feb-14 19:06:20

Oh - and thanks for that update, RichardTech. It's no fun crawling around in the bowels of the code.

cozietoesie Fri 21-Feb-14 19:03:37


Maybe download Malwarebytes and run a complete scan including 'potentially unwanted programs' ? It's a free download (for non-automatic operation) and is still pretty good even though it's getting on a bit now.

lovestea Fri 21-Feb-14 18:48:34

Hi RichardTech,

As you can see from this thread I have had this on numerous occasions over the last days. I have checked my security several times and run a scan previously which picked up doodly squat. I am running Windows 7 and Firefox.

Then today my McAfee picked up two 'potentially unwanted programs'. They were Adware-Bprotect and Adwarec. I was able to delete Adwarec, but even McAfee could not get rid of Adware-Bprotect. They have put it into 'quarantine'.

I don't know if this is something or nothing, but I have never in the two years that I have had this pc had a 'potentially unwanted program' flagged up before.
I will let you know if I get the boob page again, or if that is the end of it.

RichardTech (MNHQ) Fri 21-Feb-14 17:23:07

Hi everyone,
Just letting you know that we are working very hard here at MNHQ and also communicating externally with our ad network partners regarding the unwanted porn ads. We have taken step to block all of the reported urls so far and additionally we have also implemented a browser block as well.

I do hope that these steps will put a stop to the nasty pop-up ads, but in the event that you do see it again please post as much information as you can and we will certainly continue to do our best to stop them.

Ballsballsballs Fri 21-Feb-14 15:57:01

This has just happened to me. I'm on Firefox and Windows 7.

cozietoesie Fri 21-Feb-14 08:13:05

And since I did that (running FF in safe mode) - no pop ups.

cozietoesie Thu 20-Feb-14 19:42:03

Maybe Tech should be researching Firefox malware vulnerabilities. (I've just temporarily disabled my add ons to see if that helps.)

ReadyToPopAndFresh Thu 20-Feb-14 19:20:48

Just had it again mnhq!

member Thu 20-Feb-14 18:09:16

My laptop (well, in effect it's a desk top since it doesn't hold charge & has to be hooked up to power at all times) hasn't had it despite me being on MN more than usual.

Glad since dc are around - am also running Firefox on Vista.

SpockSmashesScissors Thu 20-Feb-14 18:05:01

Still getting it here too, not happy. Firefox and Win 7 here.

cozietoesie Thu 20-Feb-14 14:39:02

I'd have said not, Ready. Here are some stats which seem about right to me, although I'm surprised by just how quickly Chrome is coming up on the outside. (Or perhaps not, given Google's financial muscle and tactics.)

NotGoodNotBad Thu 20-Feb-14 12:45:54

I've had it on 2 different machines, both with Firefox. I've used Chrome for mumsnet for the last couple of days and haven't had it since.

Like others, I wasn't clicking on anything on mumsnet at the time, the mouse was just hovering. I don't see how it can be anything to do with other advertisers, must be something on the mumsnet site/server whatever runs these things.

ReadyToPopAndFresh Thu 20-Feb-14 08:32:36

Yes, but do most people use firefox? Could just be a coincidence.

cozietoesie Wed 19-Feb-14 23:33:27

Somebody had it on Opera, I think - but FF seems to be the main common denominator.

PigletJohn Wed 19-Feb-14 23:25:05

is it only happening on firefox, not on IE?

MissieEverdeen Wed 19-Feb-14 23:12:08

FGS it's just happened again

This link, I'm running Firefox on Vista.

MN come on, you need to have sorted this out by now.

The tab just popped up before my eyes as DP walked past - his eyes nearly fell out of his head at the big-breasted woman on my screen, asking wtf I'm looking at! angry

MaryMotherOfCheeses Wed 19-Feb-14 22:53:43

Oooh it's quite irritating isn't it!

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