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Could we have a 'showing off' thread

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Nerfmother Fri 07-Feb-14 14:24:10

It would be great to have somewhere for people to go and just blurt 'ds (5) is on stage 9 ORT' and others to pile in with references to their own dcs excellence. Or g and t or swimming levels or learning to do laces (ds, hyper mobile fingers, age ten, fantastic).
I'm really fed up of pretend concerned threads 'aibu to worry that dd is only 3a in year 2' or 'what does NC L6 mean in year 5?'
It's totally okay to celebrate out dcs, can't we just provide a space?

HerrenaHarridan Tue 11-Feb-14 09:56:34

I honestly think we do, we often see threads that people are using to share their child's achievements but ime these are only 'allowed' if the op is stating that the child has additional need but has managed such and such.

The spate of 'aibu to think my child is distinctly average' threads made me sad

There needs to be space to celebrate all kids achievements without people taking it competitively etc

AmyMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 11-Feb-14 11:04:58

Hi all,

What great DCs you all have - can we show off about how great our MNers' kids are?

We do have a gifted and talented topic where you can celebrate to your heart's content, but feel free to carry on with this thread (as it's really rather lovely).

CocktailQueen Tue 11-Feb-14 11:10:20

Great thread! smile

My dd has just won first prize in her age group in a national poetry competition - I'm so chuffed for her smile She's writing a book too - she's done 25,000 words already. She's in Year 5 and on track for a NC level 6 by the end of Year 5 smile and she's just been nominated for a Head Teacher's award for a homework assignment - really proud of her smile

kinkyfuckery Tue 11-Feb-14 11:14:45

My DD2 came home with Star of The Week last week.

She's very clingy and shy and cries most mornings going into school (since August! It's hard, but I know she's fine once she's in). She's been making a real effort (helped by permission to bring a toy/doll with her each day that stays in her bag) and her teacher is so proud of her.
SotW involves asking each child in the class what they like about the Star, so DD2 has comments such as "(DD2) never grabs anyone's hood" and "She never hits" alongside "(DD2) is my friend forever" Awww.

LtEveDallas Tue 11-Feb-14 11:38:06

I am very proud of my DD. Yes, she drives me batty on a regular basis, but the good far, far outweighs the bad.

She is crazy inventive and imaginative. She is always making 'stuff'. This last week we have a den in the dining room, which means we cannot use the table (and haven't for a week). The den has a bar, food prep area, sleeping area, security (toy gun), TV (ipad) and music room.

She has K Nex models all over the place that are now treated as ornaments (so I get to dust them). She wrote a 'Contract' on the computer yesterday that she tricked DH and I into signing - we now have to buy her a 'Victorious Guitar and Microphone Set' and if we don't we have to sit in the rain in the garden for 2 hours a day shock grin

I came home last night and discovered that she had used one of my pairs of tights to make a 'grass seed caterpiller' and had cut up a pair of my knickers to make headbands and scarves for her 'school' children (bears).

I never know what she will come up with next, she keeps me on my toes and I love it smile

HerrenaHarridan Tue 11-Feb-14 23:39:49

Yeeha! Writing books, cutting up pants what wonderful kids we have gringringrin

AllDirections Tue 11-Feb-14 23:54:41

I had DD2's parent's evening last night. She's 13 and about to take her options and her subject teachers were pretty much 'Pick me, pick me' because she's lovely to teach, her work is of a very high standard and her homework is always done. Her art teacher said that if her year 11s produced art work like DD2 she would be very happy and that's she's going to fight to make sure that she teaches DD2 next year. She's working at level 8 for maths and will do her GCSE a year early. She was 2 marks off an A when she recently did a past biology GCSE paper and 2 marks off a B for chemistry.

DD1 (17) has brought her friend home to stay because she's having a hard time at home at the moment. She's given up her room and is bunking in with DD3.

CalamityKate Wed 12-Feb-14 09:51:39

At our last parents evening at primary for DS1 his wonderful teacher told us that if she had kids of her own she wanted a DSs name.

We said we'd recently told him about his Aspergers. She said "If you don't mind me asking, how did he take it?" We said that he responded "Oh, well everyone's different, aren't they? If people can't cope with that then it's their problem". She filled up and had to compose herself. Lovely, lovely teacher.

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