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Too many Mumsnet own threads on the app

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motleymop Wed 05-Feb-14 20:12:22

Is there a way of hiding all the Mumsnet own threads on the phone app? Scrolling down past them is arduous, there are billions, and I'm forever being taken right back to the beginning when I come out of a thread.

ilovepowerhoop Thu 06-Feb-14 12:32:29

log out and back in on the app to clear them

AgathaF Thu 06-Feb-14 12:39:22

I agree Motley. I feel annoyed by this each time I use the app. Shouldn't really need to log out and in to just use the site without all the crap at the start.

RowanMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 06-Feb-14 15:54:03

We're sorry about this - we know it's really annoying. We do have a medium-term plan for the app and it will definitely not involve endless lists of old sticky threads.

For now, we'd recommend either switching to the mobile site, or (as ilovepowerhoop says) logging out and then logging back in to clear them.

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