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I suddenly have underlined links to ads all through the text of threads

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spiderlight Sun 12-Jan-14 16:54:27

Just that really - is it a new thing on MN or something nasty on my computer? This afternoon I've got random words underlined with little green icons and links to Pricerunner/Smartshopper popping up all over MN. For example, on the 'Afraid DS will have an affair...' thread in relationships I've got links from every instance of 'lose weight' all through the thread, which I've not clicked because I'm afeared of them, but hovering over them brings up a little box with a big red button and a Pricerunner link. I'm running Firefox 26.0 on Windows 7 with Adblock Plus and it's only Mumsnet that's doing this. Help?

spiderlight Sun 12-Jan-14 17:01:40

I think I've answered my own question here - had somehow acquired something called the WeDownload manager while updating a game for DS, and removing it seems to have got rid of the linkythings smile

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