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MNHQ, Wooly Hugs need a [star] emoticon - can this be done?

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ZingChoirsOfAngels Thu 09-Jan-14 17:48:40

I really believe that if there was ever a good reason to create a new emoticon there can not be a better cause than for all the people who are involved in Wooly Hugs!

I know that there have been threads about this and it puzzles me why there's still nothing done about this.
I doubt it would be hard to do, so come on MNHQ, come on Techs please, please arrange a [star] - it is long overdue and will be much appreciated!

Amazing people doing a fantastic, loving thing for strangers - so please let them be thanked with a little token of appreciation - I really hope AINBU!wink

BellaVita Thu 09-Jan-14 17:53:36

This gesture would be sooooo lovely from MNHQ. It is a great idea Zing and thank you for bringing it to MNHQ's attention.

ZingChoirsOfAngels Thu 09-Jan-14 21:32:12


yes it would be!smile

but I guess they haven't read it yet.
should I report it, so it definitely gets seen?

BellaVita Thu 09-Jan-14 21:51:15

I have already reported your post and they mailed me back and said they would take a look grin

ZingChoirsOfAngels Thu 09-Jan-14 22:31:42

excellent, thanks!

Here's a * for you till a proper one comes along!wink grin

RowanMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 10-Jan-14 10:07:46


Thanks for flagging; we'll have a think.

ZingChoirsOfAngels Fri 10-Jan-14 11:20:13

Thanks Rowan

Please do.

all my fingers are crossed that it will be done.

ZingChoirsOfAngels Sat 11-Jan-14 14:52:15

any news on this?

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